I tried to assemble DOSNOVENTA BARCELONA ...

This was a while ago.
It's not about Dosnobenta, but I thought on the staff Angelino.

"It's really fun"

Although there are carbon as a high -quality material, there are two types of bicycles, aluminum and chromoly (iron). When I first joined the company, I was riding a Leader chromoly bike, but recently I was used to aluminum frames such as Kagero and 735TR, so the unique riding comfort of the chromoly was fresh. It's been a long time.

What is good, sticky. Unique acceleration feeling. It is difficult to say words.

The aluminum frame is good at the speed of rising and the speed of reaching the top speed, but honestly I was worried that I couldn't make use of that potential because I was 36 years old.

The place where I ran was quite different from Aoyama to Shibuya, and although it was not a gentle route, I felt that the iron frame was loved again in the history of a long bicycle. I have recently dreamed that I want to build a chromoly bike after a long time, load it on a car, and loosen the area around Fuji Five Lake.

And today is Dosnoventa Barcelona, ​​which reigns at the top of the BROTURES iron frame. One with the name of the city, the home base.

The pipe uses Columbus Spirit. COLUMBUS has been in business for a little 100 years. very.
Because it contains a rare metal called Nii -Bium, SPIRIT is a very highly advanced material. Even if you don't understand the meaning, you'll get a good idea.
There are various interpretations of the story that everyone often says, "It is rigid," but this Spirit is one of the top classes of the material itself. Because it is possible to make a thin pipe to the limit, a very light frame is finished. That is to say.
To be honest, the frame itself is not strong. Leave it, let it rain, fly, and bounce. It's not a frame to do that. A wonderful running that is realized only because it is a light iron pipe that is finished lightly to the limit. I think it would be correct if you interpret it as one that provided this.

Then, among the full specifications, we will introduce the points to three.

First, "hub"

If you say it, you don't need to explain anymore.
But if you talk properly, let's talk about the trust and affection you have in PHILWOOD.
First of all, California. Maid Inacarifornia. I like it at that point.
They went to BROTURES Harajuku several times, and I went to the factory from here in the past. I have a long relationship and a long relationship.
What they believe is "it will not break for a lifetime"
There is such a thing. At the time of joining the company, I thought inward, but if you think about it, the first philwood is about 8-9 years. It turns around without much maintenance, and there is almost no damage. Especially after one or two years after purchase, the rotation performance was terrible. The ball of the bearing is also hit, grease is familiar, and the grown Philwood is the best.
And the mirror -finished polish is so beautiful that other brands cannot be compared. When the hand is polished, the PHILWOOD polished item is sent to the world, stepping on a total of about three processes. I took a picture, but I can't tell it. Please come to the store with your eyes. Let's talk about PHILWOOD. smile

Next, "tires"

This part is the only important part of the bicycle that touches the ground. Although the looks are also affected, this tire is the best way to get the unique ride comfort of Barcelona and PHILWOOD.
TUFO's Calibra Plus uses a unique tread pattern if you look closely. The center has a slick and a file with a file. This draws out the smoothness of going straight and demonstrates the stable performance and grip of cornering. In particular, the slick part of this center line encourages the supple ride like Barcelona and the smooth ride comfort of Philwood. As a personal impression, I almost never felt the wear with asphalt, and I was stress -free as if I was running on the ground without any unevenness.

Finally "crank"

This is because Dosnoventa had an endose contract, and many Brotures customers should know. Their bikes were always Rotor at their feet.
To be honest, this Vegast is a low -priced version. There is an item called ALDHU as a higher model, but now it has become difficult to get it.
I want to use Aldhu. You may think so if it was the specifications so far, but the Aldhu arm part is the 7055 aluminum with a clutch. Let's go pounding! is. But this Barcelona is not. The very different part between the 7000th aluminum and the 6000 aluminum is strength. Therefore, No. 6000 is more supple, and although there is a little loss of power, it naturally conveys the power of the pedal to the rear wheel. This is the concept of this bicycle! It's not just saying Aldhu just to say. For example, Kagero is Aldhu or quickness. It would be ants to use them properly depending on the concept. about it.

Although it has become a long time, I introduced it to these three points.
A "hub" that creates smoothness, "tires", which eliminates the stress to the utmost in rolling on the road surface, and the operator "crank" that conveys power to bicycles. All of these are selected items to bring out the goodness of the frame. Barcelona is the main protagonist.

This one is on display at BROTURES Harajuku, so you can see the actual car.
Please take a look when you come to the store.

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