Isn't it okay to start the design?

Hello, this is Toriyama.

The Cinelli "Vigorelli" series, which has not heard much about orders recently.

Shark has disappeared, but Aluminium and Steel still have some sizes.

If there is a person who has already given up after hearing the end of production, it is still early.

We look forward to your consultation on size and model.

So today I would like to introduce a custom VIGORELLI Steel.

This model is designed for one of the track races, "Criterium".

So the BB height is designed higher than the other models, so that even an extreme curve can be turned down to the limit.

It is also a frame that is also considered in head angles.

That said, most people tend to be customs to run with drop handles and carbon wheels.

That's a good frame. I also have a rattling specification.

But today, I'm going to break the fixed concept of such a frame, or to make it a custom to do this.

How about trying it like this?

For a custom that doesn't want to speed up.

As a whole, the base is black while scattering silver parts.

However, the cost is modest and custom, so I think it's a pretty good ride and it's a custom.

The handle is a straight type, but the back of the backwoop is a slightly commuter shape.

Recently my taste is completely here. smile

I want you to put the luggage you go out quickly with the rack there and go around.

I tried to make a look at Paul's BoxCar Stem with a little appearance on the stem.

This stem is not only fashionable but also perfect, and it is a beauty that makes you fascinate.

There are not many stem pursuing the visuals from the person on the riding because the back of the clamp bolt is not penetrated.

Blue LUG original RMC crank has 46t attached chain ring

If you combine a 17t cog, you can ride it with 2.71 and turn your feet easily. There are 17 skid points, of course.

The good thing about this crank is that it is basically supported by the famous brand chain ring.

You can enjoy it with high -precision chain rings such as Sugino and Digirit.

I put a clear pedal with a little playfulness. Isn't it cute?

The BMX brand Odyssey plapedal is affordable, sturdy, and plentiful. BMX parts are rich in basic colors.

There are many ways to play with the grip, make it flashy.

I think this kind of custom is not bad.

With this, after overcoming the hot summer, I will run again seriously.

That way, you can ride even one car all year round. That's the goodness of the fix.

Frame: CINELLI VIGORELLI Track Steel Frame Set ¥ 115,500-INTAX

Handle: Grunge RANGER BAR ¥ 6,380-INTAX

Stem: Paul BoxCar Stem ¥ 23,430-INTAX


Crank: Blue Lug RMC Crank Set ¥ 16,280-INTAX

Pedal: Odyssey Clear Pedal ¥ 2,530-INTAX

Rack: ADEPT Truss Porter Rack ¥ 5,720-INTAX


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