With this, the last "ICE COLD"

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Today, as the title suggests, the last one of that frame has been assembled, so I'll check that.

The selected model will be "Barcelona", which is the origin of Dosnoventa.

DOSNOVENTA was modeled in 2021 and the design was renewed.

I think it's good, and I think it's good, but this person was a pattern I wanted to buy the previous design.

The frame I wanted at a level I was looking for.

That's why the stock was happened to be in the BROTURES last frame order, and this time we met this frame.

I think that this kind of tour is important because the number of handmade frames is limited.

To be honest, I also love that design. Such paint is not something you can do even if you ask elsewhere.

This is the frame I intuitively thought that I wanted to join BROTURES first.

And this is the first frame I ordered after entering BROTURES. It's a frame that I don't think I'm riding (laughs)

Now, let's check the last Barcelona.

It is a custom that beautifully arranged the balance between black and silver.

The wheel is a hand assembly by combining the front and rear Hed. Belgium x PHILWOOD PROTRACK.

It is a popular highly durable high rotation system setting.

Since this rim has been discontinued, it is a good combination of a rim that you can no longer get from the frame that you can no longer get.

The handle, stem, and seat post are silver unified in Nitto.

The thread stem is slender and stretches neatly, so it has a sophisticated atmosphere that is not in the head.

The BLUE LUG bespoke For Shred Bar is cool 25.4. There is no other look that stretches off.

CHRIS KING, of course, headset. Don't compromise here.

If you ride for 10 years, you can put a good headset from the beginning if you get on a good frame.

Moreover, this brand has a wide variety of colors, so it is recommended for those who want to play with colors.

The undercarriage is firmly assembled with Digirit chain rings and cogs on the ROTOR crank.

This is an option that you should not remove this combination if you want to get into the silent world.

There is also the advantage of being able to order your favorite design because you can choose the design of the chain ring.

It's really cool. I even want to ride as it is.

I think that the design of this frame is what I want to ride with this simple look.

I think it is such a frame that has no other, there is no future.

Please enjoy the long -awaited Barcelona.

Frame: Dosnoventa Barcelona Frame Set ¥ 220,000-INTAX

Headset: Chris King Grip Nut Set ¥ 24,200-INTAX


Handle: Nitto for Shred Bar 25.4 Black ¥ 8,470-INTAX


Seat post: NITTO S65 SEATPOST ¥ 7,810-INTAX

Saddle: Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle ¥ 9,900-INTAX


Chain Ring: Digirit Carbon CHAINRING ¥ 22,900-INTAX

Cog: Digirit Carbon COG & exclusive adapter ¥ 14,780-INTAX

Pedal: MKS Allways Pedal ¥ 7,480-INTAX


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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)