It's convenient to have a rack.

What kind of bicycle do you guys ride?

Anyway when moving. Shopping is the main. A little to the station.

I think that the scenes to ride in each person, but the parts that say, "How convenient with these parts" is back in stock.

I guess there are many people who are writing in the title, but here is here.

ADEPT Truss Porter Rack ¥ 6,380-

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It is no longer a standard, but this rack.

Popular black and silver are available for the first time in a long time!

It is good to put your luggage as it is and fix it with a band ◎

You can attach another basket on the top ◎

Please decide on it depending on the appearance and the application that suits you.

As an example of use

Bucks etc. in summer

In the coming time, the jacket that became hot while riding and took off, and the luggage of the supermarket who stopped on the way home.


As with me, I want to ride as much as possible when riding a fixie, right?

If you think so, this rack looks simple and versatile.

"It's a bit like a" THE "basket". "It is very recommended for those who are!


* By the way, if you are thinking about attaching it yourself, please note that depending on the shape of the fork, you may not be able to keep it.


If you are uneasy, please feel free to contact us!




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