The privilege of the city ride.

I'm addicted to the Norima blade now.

Apparently, Miya is more enviable of visual acuity than the muscles of Pickle.

By the way, the NJS frame that has been strengthening its handling since this spring,
I also prepared a new custom bike.

Panasonic NJS Custom Bike ¥ 339,460 (TAX IN)

Panasonic of modest matte silver.
Previously, I introduced it in custom so that the city can be loosely cruised.

This time is the opposite machine taste.
At a glance, "It will be fast."

Handle/DEDA Elementi Crononero Lowrider ¥ 7,590 (Tax IN)

STEM/ZERO100TEAM ¥ 10,560 (TAX IN)

This is probably the first part that makes you feel this strictness.

DEDA Chronononero Lowrider
The drop part is 6cm lower than the flat part
A bullhorn bar that creates a further tilt that has been attacked even more than a normal model.
The surface has a rough matte finish, so it is hard to slip without bar tape.

It is recommended that DEDA components are basically combined with the same brand product.
If you actually arrange it, the design with a strong machine will feel a good sense of unity.

The seat post is also used with USED DEDA.

The saddle is set with a fairly strange species.
[USED] Fizik Volta Alloy Rail ¥ 13,420 (Tax IN)

This saddle featuring an edgy appearance
Fizik thoroughly analyzes the advantages of long -selling classic models, especially among the company products.
Neoclassic saddle rebuilt in modern times.

The side has a long round shape,
In addition to hindering the movement of the pelvis during the riding, it has the effect of reducing the generation of back pain.
By "Mobius" design similar to BROOKS,
Achieves a pleasant floating softness like a hammock.

In addition to the design and design that follows the above classic models
Glass fiber concrete shell is used for the base part to high weight.
It is an almost invincible saddle called "warm new+modern technology".

Used = only one point so be as soon as possible.

By the way, the frame is TANGE's double vate.

"Butted Tube" has a single, double, triple,
This is a different pipe with the thickness of the pipe in the middle of both ends (welding part).

By changing the thickness of the pipe, the strength is stronger in the area around the welding part,
Other parts that are hard to apply are mechanisms that measure weight reduction.

By the way, the double vated is a process of evenly thickening both ends of the pipe.
A type with a thinner middle like 0.8-0.5-0.8.

The so -called "light frame" is a technology used in the mast.
It is a good frame that does not have to be pulled out.
And since it is a bicycle race frame, of course NJS certification.

Yes, NJS certification.

However, it starts with the lightweight aero carbon wheel arranged before and after.

[USED] BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL Front ¥ 36,300 (Tax in)


The tires I put on there (Virrotia Corsa G2.0)or
Regarding the above -mentioned cockpit parts, it is a non -NJS part.

For high -quality frames that have cleared the strict rules of NJS
The pleasure of customizing parts on public roads by customizing parts that are "high quality but not NJS".
The privilege given only to us as an end user.

If so, use this right fully
Why do not you assemble your own?


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