Beautiful piste bike with a sense of unity

Speaking of parts that arrived at the Harajuku store without any warning recently, what is it?

If you are looking at the story of Instagram, you may have noticed it,

Finally in BROTURES Harajuku"Thomson"There are only a few parts of the parts, but they are in stock.

The valuable parts that have just arrived are beautiful, the color of the frame Black and the Gold is beautiful,

Tyrant Bikes KageroThe BLACK is a base vehicle, and we have customized it with a commitment to appearance and driving.

I will introduce it immediately.

Tyrant Bikes Kagero F/R Wheel Hed Custom

Frame \ 132,000-tax included

Normal completed car \ 242,000-tax included

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The attraction of Kagero, which is the base of this time, is the pashute shape.

The beautiful pashute shape is not only the beauty of the frame itself, but also makes it easy to shift a quick weight.

It has excellent acceleration, so you can easily run on flat roads and slopes.

Easy to shift weight, making it easier to do skids.

Also, despite the aluminum frame, it causes the illusion of a carbon frame.

The ultra -light aluminum frame conveys the acceleration that has never been tasted in one row and one row.

HED JET RC6 Track Front ¥ 93,500-Tax included

HED JET RC6 Track Rear ¥ 110,000-Tax included

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The wheels we chose this time to further sublimate such acceleration,Hed Jet RC6 Track It will be.

Speaking of HED wheels, it is a brand that is reliable for bicycles so that it is also used in track racing.

Our staff is overwhelmed by the appearance and the rotation performance of the HED characteristic hub.

It's just over the wheel rack at the shop, just turn the wheel and look at it.

In addition to the acceleration of the frame itself, a HED wheel with excellent rotation performance,

If you update back and forth, you will be able to run fast.

It's not a baton like a street, but it's also a choice of deep rims ◎

Thomson Carbon Riser Bar ¥ 22,000-Tax included

Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 12,100-Tax included

Thomson STEM CAP ¥ 1,100-Tax included

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Unified the handle parts with Thomson.

After all, I really like this feeling in Harajuku.

Thomson's CNC processing, parts that are born from super top -notched technology,

The accuracy is surprisingly high, especially for the stem, it is firmly fixed by simply entering the steering wheel.

You can always experience the high accuracy.

Also, contrary to the rough appearance, the stem of the aluminum parts has been removed.

It has a strong commitment to lighter weight, and highly intensified parts have a huge trust.

The handle is made of excellent material that has excellent shock absorption performance, carbon.

Use a riser bar and take you to your destination with a comfortable posture.

Thomson Masterpiece C \ 34,100-Tax included

Thomson seat clamp \ 4,840-tax included

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Like handle parts, the seat post and seat clamp are unified with Thomson.

It is really beautiful to unify detailed parts with one brand.

Set up Masterpiece, which is sold out immediately after arriving at the seat post.

Like the handle, it also has a shock absorption performance, reducing the burden on the buttocks.

This time like this, Thomson parts that have just arrived in detailed parts

We introduced custom vehicles that have a very good appearance and driving performance, such as customizing the HED to the front and rear wheels.

Kagero frames and parts used this time, such as Thomson, HED, are all in stock, so

If you are considering custom or purchase, please contact us as soon as possible.

Then we will wait for your contact.

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