The way to assemble is already an expert.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

I wonder if today's custom introduction is to check out a certain customer's order bike.

This is the first fixer, but the way of assembling is already like an expert.

That should be it. There are a lot of gachi pisto rider around this person.

Those who are always enjoying outdoor play such as surfing as an adult hobby

The next person who was addicted to such people is the fix.

I wonder if it's decided to be a perfect custom.

The selected model is the choice of the orange of the frame "Detroit", which was the best attacked frame in Dosnoventa.

The base is black, but it is a stylish custom with a purple color in some places.

So let's look at the points in detail.

The wheels are the front and rear H Plus Son and Philwood. This combination is really the strongest.

An aluminum rim that has a firm lightness and rigidity, a hub that keeps spinning without maintenance forever.

I think it is a wheel that can be used for a lifetime.

The crank is a crank set of the universal crank crank 75 that Fujimoto pushes.

This crank set is named Criterium Set, and usually Sugino 75, which is usually sold alone crank.

SUGINO sells chain rings and BBs at a great price.

This set is a really recommended item because you can start using that masterpiece affordable.

As a discerning point, the purple is dropped into the color.

This is the last one, the last color of CHRIS KING's gloss purple.

It is a custom that can be well balanced with the hub of the front philwood at the front.

How was it.

I think that the place to be particular is narrowed down, and I think that it is customized in a well -balanced manner.

Please deal with you again when you go to Kyushu.

Frame: DOSNOVENTA DETROIT Frame Set ¥ 174,900-INTAX

Rim: H Plus Son AT-25 RIM ¥ 8,800-INTAX

Hub: PHILWOOD LOW FRANGE HUB ¥ 29,480-Intax ~

Headset: Chris King Dropset 2 ¥ 20,900-INTAX

Handle: ENVE M6 Carbon Riser Bar ¥ 26,180-INTAX

Crank: Sugino 75 Criterium Set ¥ 59,400-INTAX


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