SUPER73 SG-1 Delivery of the same day, ad...

The event "SUPER73 same day delivery campaign" that has been held since this weekend "

A plan to enjoy the leisure season as much as you want, with the concept of going home on the day you bought.

Well, isn't it the best today? Kanto is a super cool weather after a long absence.

Get SUPER73 on such a day and go out as it is. What a wonderful holiday!

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Among the electric bicycles that have been attracting attention in recent years, a street E bike that attracts attention alongside

Personally, I piled up in a car to go around Fuji Five Lakes, and I bought it with my friends to cruise from Tokyo to Shonan area.

I think it is interesting to use it.

Because it adopts a thick block tire, you can enjoy such a small trick.

Even if you don't go out, all the sights you usually see will be the play field.

It's a great weather, so let's enjoy playing outside! !

And this same day delivery will be limited in quantity. Sold off.

If you are worried, you can make reservations and ask questions by telephone, email, Instagram DM, etc.

Please feel free to ask.

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