To you, a little nasty demon.

You who are worried about the piste bike and Leader®︎.
I want to customize the baton wheels to a very thick 735TR, but I don't want to turn it on with everyone.
How about this one?

Leader® 735TR "Alter"

A custom bike that makes you want to ring your finger with that'T Tight !!
I customized it with a more skinny T3 Pro than a T3 with impact.
The rim hat is modest, but the sense of unity with the down tube and rear wheel is outstanding.
It's a royal road, but it's a little bit lost.

The gold chain that glows all black is sexy.
Finished in a simple motorcycle with a male -smelling appeal.

It is a very fashionable piste bike, but it has a moderate light weight and toughness, so it is perfect for commuting and going to school.
It's one of the tension just rising just by riding. I can work hard.
Let's enjoy your life and the piste bike like yourself.


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12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)