Is it really good with tires?

I have assembled some stock wheels since last week.
The wheel is a bicycle flower shape.
We will have a lot of consultation as long as the driving and looks that change drastically.
This time, the story of the tires attached to the wheel.

A pair of wheels.

Not light or fast. I like this kind of wheel.

No matter how good the wheels are, the only tires of the parts that are in contact with the ground are poor.
Roughly speaking, changing the tires will change drastically without changing the wheel.
Just think that you have been deceived because the good tires have arrived.

SCHWALBE that is not very familiar in BROTURES.
In a sense, is it like the middle of Continental and Michelin?
An image that is not as hard as a concrete but durable than Michelin.
This time, two grades are available.

Schwalbe Pro ONE

Schwarbe's high -end line.
It is very lightweight at 215g at 23c.
The cornering grip while reducing the rolling resistance is a luxurious tire.
If you want to run comfortably, seeking speed for rabbits and horns.

Schwalbe One

The all -round model of the PRO ONE above.
It is an excellent in this price range with 225g at 23c.
It is compared to the Conch GP series, but personally it feels like a durable Michelin Pro series.
It may be good for commuting because it has a soft ride and high vibration absorption.

Above all, it is better to install both tires. (Conti is hard)
Maybe even people who are not used to changing tires can be attached with bare hands.

Even when the wheels are new, those who are about to replace the tires.
SCHWALBE, why don't you try it?


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