The raging release "by Broturs"

Hello, this is Ren.

In 2023, BROTURES original items have released a raging wave.

We are making the BROTURES staff every day, so we want to make what we really want.

Let's take a look at it once.

By Brotures Wiver Alloy Rim Black ¥ 13,200-INTAX


The first thing we thought was aluminum rim. This is super good again.

Even if you actually ride it, you can immediately see the feel, and it is a rim that makes the skid comfortably.

By Brotures Track Hub Black/Polish

Front ¥ 9,350- / Rear ¥ 10,450-INTAX

The good thing about this hub is not only 32 holes but also 20 holes and 24 rear holes, so it can be used for carbon rims such as F rims.

Anyway, I want you to enjoy the wheel custom first.

By Brotures Infeel Alloy Pedal ¥ 9,350-INTAX

This is a high -rotation aluminum pedal made as a high -end model of the conventional plapedal.

There are allWays etc. in similar places, but the point is the same level of rotation force and hold power that is easy to use.

There are only four bumps, but they can be used for all -rounds that can slip in front and back.

By Brotures Wide Low Riser ¥ 7,700-INTAX

A riser bar that features a low rise close to a flat. Because it is designed to 680mm, it is easy to use without cutting.

Produced by whether the design of Thomson's carbon rizer can be used affordable with aluminum.

If this is comfortable, there is an update to Thomson's carbon rizer.

By Brotures Back Eye Rear Light ¥ 4,950-INTAX

The newly released rear light "Back Eye" is an auto alert light that can be attached to the saddle rail.

It is an excellent rear light that automatically changes the lighting pattern by braking and deceleration from the normal flashing state.

It's nice to be able to hide it under the saddle, so you can attach the look of your car without losing it. Moreover, it is quite bright.

This is the recent original product.

We are planning a lot in the future, so please wait for new product information.

To improve everyone's custom.


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