If the color is different, the impression...

It is a white 735TR custom introduced on yesterday's blog, but this time I would like to compare the CORIMA wheel before and after used to the black body!

However, before that, I revealed that GORI was addicted to bag noodles, so I will introduce my recommended bag noodles without permission! smile

It's a classic guy that all Kyushu knows, but do you know "Umakachan"?

The package looks like this.

There are several types of developments, including basic tonkotsu flavor (yellow package) and pepper Takana.

By the way, it is a very timely story, but I bought this delicious -chan yesterday. smile

I rarely see it in the Kanto region, but I'm glad that there are occasional arrivals at a discount store near my home.

When I see it, I buy it secretly every time.

If you like tonkotsu ramen and haven't eaten yet, please give me a good taste.

Well, the story of bag noodles is about this, and the main subject is the main subject.

Since I wrote it in detail in the previous blog, this time I will introduce the difference in appearance!

Leader® 735TR completed car ¥ 203,500-tax included

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CORIMA 4 Spokes HM Front ¥ 147,400-Tax included

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CORIMA CARBON RIM 47mm WS1 Rear ¥ 95,700-Tax included

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HKK Vertex Chain Gold ¥ 6,050-

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The handle is genuine, but unlike the last time, the undercarriage is also custom.

After all, when you look at this, I think that gold is cool and cool.

You can upgrade not only the Vertex chain but also the performance, but above all it is cool.

By the way, since I am unified with silver, I have a silver chain of the same model!


What if the color of yesterday's custom is different like this? It was the content of comparison.

How was it?

There were differences in handles, but the same wheels have a very different impression.


I think it was easy to imagine those who are currently riding Leader.

There is still stock, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.




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