A troubled mate x

It was amazing for the second vaccine while late.

I've been sleeping for two days. This is Miya.

By the way, here is today.

Mate X 250 SUBDUED BLACK ¥ 352,000 (TAX IN)

Popular cars that have not been declining since its release,Mate X 250About choosing a troubled color.

"If you get lost, black."

So the popular No. 1 color "SUBDUED BLACK" is
From the beginning of this month, the stock is in stock in the container,
For now, the number of stocks is still available.

Today, in the shadow of such a popular BLACK
It's no wonder that it will be sold out anymore!
There are only a few remaining!
Introducing such a color that is exactly the "fast winning".

Mate X 250 DESERT STORM ¥ 352,000 (TAX IN)

First of all, dessert storms are often contacted by customers in beige.
(Beige is transmitted.)

This color, especially in inquiries, because there are many exposure to the media.

With a calm and matte expression, it is easy to get familiar
The point is the exquisite coloring that will add to the city and nature regardless of the scene.

It's hard to see that such a soft color body is a sports bike
I guess there are many people who pinpoint "I wanted this color!"


Mate X 250 ICE WHITE ¥ 352,000 (TAX IN)

If you don't squeeze the exposure, you'll fly! !

"Ice White", which sells such a masterpiece whiteness

Like dessert storms, it is a phantom color that has always been low in stock since its release.

It will be the first appearance on the Kichijoji store blog, so if you review it
The frame is gross white, and the "Mate" logo is silver.

It's the ultimate of cleanliness.

Naa reminds me of the winter of Hokkaido.

And surprising is this front fork.

If it is another color, all the forks are matte black,
Only this ice white is the same gloss white finish as the frame! !

All are white. 。 。
When this happens, I want to wear white ribbon tires in this color.

Speaking of which, why is the space shuttle mostly white? I feel like
I feel something very futuristic around the shoulder of this edgy fork.


That's why
From the other colors that are steadily being sold out under the popular black shadows
Today, I introduced these two colors.

Mate X 250, which had no stock until a while ago and was completely reserved and sold, so
The timing of worrying about the color is quite valuable.
By all means, please choose one that suits your taste at this "worries" timing!


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