The world changes only with wheel custom.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

In the other day's employee training, I was able to meet all the Brotures staff for the first time.

I didn't talk to the staff of each store, so it was fresh and could be input, so I felt a new feeling.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Today's blog has been set to Leader's entry model 721.

The 721 is the last species in the Leader 7 series, but this frame is a model that allows you to attack the street more tough.

It is designed so that the base component is affordable to be able to ride the Leader up to the limit.

Leader 721 COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 132,000-INTAX

The specification of the 7 series is that it is a full carbon fork and the brake outerwear has been internalized.

The brand with a full carbon fork in this price range is quite rare. Thanks to that, the light start dash is cut off.

Outer internal is a big contribution to visuals. It looks beautiful without any disturbing looks from the side.

This time, it is basically the standard component, and the contents are customized around the wheels.

The wheels are the feet for the fix, so if this changes, the world will change dramatically.

I raised the specifications from ordinary people to athlete at once.


Front ¥ 55,000-INTAX / REAR ¥ 60,500-INTAX / set ¥ 110,000-INTAX

The familiar F rim was attached before and after. Every time an order meeting, it will be a popular carbon rim for dozens of orders.

It is this wheel that we have assembled this rim so that it can be used mostly. Limited material using the hub attached to SHRED88.

It is the strongest wheel of Cospa using CX-Ray spokes in the front 20 holes and 24 holes.

It is the best set of wheels that start because it can be replaced with a higher specification hub later.

Panaracer Agilest ¥ 7,370-INTAX

Panaracer Agilest Duro ¥ 7,590-INTAX

A reliable Japanese tire manufacturer. This Agilest is the serious top grade that Panaracer issued.

Agilest is attached to the front with a balance that develops a new compound and exerts a high grip power in all -round all -weather.

The rear DURO has a more tough specification and has a punk layer. This is recommended for the rear.

If you run the main run, you should choose like AGILEST, and if you ride a gutchi town.

Leader Uptown Rise Bar ¥ 4,620-INTAX

Originally, the Leader original riser bar that was attached to CURE as standard was attached to 721.

A so -called riser bar that can run with a moderate short and can run the gaps in the car.

The slightly higher rise, which is easy to operate the handle, also creates a good piste.

Brotures Original Pedal ¥ 3,080-INTAX

Brotures Original syraps ¥ 5,060-INTAX

This item is required if you start a fixed gear. A new gimmick unique to fixes that never used in bicycles.

Since the fixie is a fixed gear, once you start running, the pedal will no longer stop. Continue around with the rear wheels.

It is this pedal strap that controls and controls it. With this, you can decelerate and always connect with the pedal.

If you get used to it, practice skids and overuse the strap.

How was it.

It was a custom that updated the running part.

Just as a carbon wheel, the concept of bicycle so far changes 180 degrees.

I want you to experience the serious ride comfort.


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