There is no doubt that it should be aimed...

Hello, this is Ren.

Today is about "721", located as a Leader entry model.

This frame, I really recommend it.

The color lineup is three colors, matte black, gloss white, and mat orange.

The size is from XS to XL. From women to students who are growing, you can ride a piste bike in your favorite style.

As it is a model that is easy to get out, the sales volume is not as good as the flagship model 735TR.

The other day's wrist is actually the first arrival in one year.

The good thing about this frame is that the seat tube is designed as a normal standard.

The 725 and 735 have a special aero design, and the seat post is also a dedicated carbon seat post.

I feel that it is a merit but a disadvantage. I can't customize the seat post.

With 721, you can customize it, so you can change it to high -end parts such as Thomson and ENVE.

And it is one option to replace the frame.

The good thing is 721 that can expand the range of custom composition.

So 721TR is recommended if you make a piste debut this spring.

It is positioned as an entry model, but the potential is incredibly high.

Especially until May 31Students can use 10%off student discountSo it's the best.

You who are going to buy a new bicycle now. The aim is 721.


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