Enjoy custom like accessories.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

The number of parts at the store increases, and when you look at the scenes lined up, custom desires also expand.

Looking at this, there are really many parts. I focus on looks when choosing parts.

It's the same feeling when choosing clothes, accessories, and shoes, and I'm often worried about how the whole custom is well -balanced.

I chose today's custom like that.

Of course, I also look at the performance of the parts, but the content is more important than that.

The custom body selected for the custom is Leader 735.


Custom made with silver parts and carbon parts based on matte black 735.

BROTURES F35 CARBON RIM × By Brotures Track Hub

Front ¥ 74,250-INTAX

Rear ¥ 76,890-INTAX

The wheels prepared with the Original component of BROTURES were worn back and forth.

This rim is really good. I am glad that both lightness and rigidity are well prepared in this price range.

If you use a new original hub there, you can build this wheel quite affordable.

Moreover, this wheel is assembled with CX-Ray, so the specifications are even higher.

Thomson Trail Carbon Riser Bar ¥ 30,000-INTAX

Thomson X4 Dress Up Carbon Head ¥ 8,000-INTAX

The popular carbon rizer has also been restocked. In addition, X4 carbon head is also available.

Isn't this combination really good? The best parts that can be unified with the same texture.

Because it is a carbon, it will of course be lighter and tougher. A really recommended combination for those who use the X4 stem.

Thomson Elite X4 STEM ¥ 14,000-INTAX

Thomson Spacer Kit ¥ 4,500-INTAX

Thomson is of course stem and spacer. Looks from the side become silver, so you can change the atmosphere depending on the viewing angle.

Thomson is a high -precision brand that also makes parts such as space shuttle, so aluminum parts are the highest accuracy.

I would like you to see the computer -controlled completely sharpened parts with their hands.

How was it.

I think it is a custom that is beautifully organized in both looks and performance.

If you purchase this custom bike 24 times with a bike loan,

As it looks like, you can ride for about 20,000 yen per month.

It's fun to assemble your favorite looks from the start.


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