Fancy Some Hubs?

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Let's switch gears to something more appealing.

Today, we're focusing on small but crucial bike components: the hubs!

About Hubs

Hubs are the core of the wheel, comprising the rim, spokes, and hub itself. How well a hub spins is critical to the wheel's overall performance.

So, let's explore some of the best hubs currently recommended.

PHIL WOOD Low Flange Track Hub (Color Anodized)

Front: ¥36,300 (INC. TAX)

Rear: ¥39,600 (INC. TAX)

This item is standard.

First up is the perennial favorite from the storied American brand Philwood, loved by cycle maniacs worldwide. The company has been developing quality products for half a century.

The "King of Hubs" refers to a type of hub that combines strength, durability, and design into one product.

They offer a range of flange heights and options for weight reduction, which is a real treat.

The color anodized version allows you to choose from a wide variety of colors, and makes the hubs look premium while keeping them vibrant.

The hard anodizing process enhances the hubs' heavier, substantial feel and premium look without sacrificing vibrancy.

My personal favorite is Gunmetal.
The gunmetal color, in particular, is great for its versatility. You can pair it with any frame and rim color, but it's a unique hue you won't find with other manufacturers.

Go ahead and give your bike an eccentric color! Be warned, though. The King of Hubs comes with a king's price, so it's pretty expensive.

If you're looking for a good hub at an affordable price range, feel free to reach out to us. We have a list of brands that offer excellent cost performance and are available for under 20,000 yen.


Front: ¥16,750 (INC. TAX)

Rear: ¥18,600 (INC. TAX)

For those looking for a more affordable option without compromising on quality, Shimano's DURA-ACE hub is perfect. As a leading cycle component brand with the highest global market share, DURA-ACE is renowned for its superior rotation and is favored by professional track cyclists.

These hubs embody a "give and take" philosophy. They are easy to disassemble for maintenance, and if you care for them properly, they'll last you many years.


Front: ¥10,780 (INC. TAX)

Rear: ¥11,550 (INC. TAX)

The shimmering hologram design of the PROMAX is eye-catching. It's a reissue of the popular NJS-approved SUZUE Pro Max Hub, now featuring shielded bearings, which prevent dirt and debris from entering, making it ideal for urban cycling. 

A new "Black" color was launched recently—definitely worth checking out.

DT SWISS High Flange Track Hub

Front: ¥10,780 (INC. TAX)

Rear: ¥11,550 (INC. TAX)

Lastly, we have an entry from DT Swiss, a prominent Swiss component maker.

What sets these apart in their price range is their production of hubs with fewer spoke holes (Front 20H / Rear 24H).

This makes them perfect for pairing with high-end road bike wheels like those from Zipp or ENVE, especially if you're assembling lightweight carbon wheels on a budget.

Pairing these hubs with BROTURES' original carbon rims "F RIM" ordered in Front 20H & Rear 24H configurations could be a game-changer, offering an exceptionally light yet affordable assembly.

This is a must-have item for achieving a different dimension of lightweight and cost performance which is impossible to achieve with normal track wheels.

So there you have it, an introduction to some of the most compelling hubs available, from budget to premium options.

Whether you're considering a new custom wheel build or reassembling your current wheels, these hubs could be a great choice.

How about it? Ready to give your bike a hub upgrade?

Until next time.

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