TAJ has come!

It's finally getting colder in November.
If you are on the fix, you will receive the wind as much as you can.
You may feel colder than the actual temperature.

When I was a little worried, I checked how cold it was.

The relationship between the temperature and the wind speed is generally

"Wind speed is 1m/s and the perceived temperature drops by 1 ° C"

It is said to be.

The calculation was relatively complicated, so I will omit it,
For example, when applied to the current Kichijoji, the temperature is [17 ° C] and the wind speed is [1m].
If you can run a bicycle at 25 km / h in this environment
Because the wind speed feels more than 7m

17 -(7+1)=9

The perceived temperature is about 9 ° C.

By the way, the lowest temperature in November in Tokyo is 9 ° C on average, so
Depending on the time zone, the perceived temperature is 1 ° C under the same conditions.
After all, it's quite cold.

Furthermore, this year, it seems that the Raninya phenomenon is expected to be more severe than usual.
In the coming season, please be warm and enjoy the ride.

At best, if you run for 10 minutes, your body will warm up! ! !

He said, "Then." This is Miya.

By the way, today, as the title of the blog, "TAJ" has arrived, so I will introduce that.

Fairdale Taj J Comprete Bike ¥ 93,500 (TAX IN)

BMX world legend that left a brilliant achievement from the late 90's to the early 2000s
Taj MIHELICH is relatively familiar in Brotures
The brand "Fairdale" was created in collaboration with Odyssey.

The theme is that it is a simple and comfortable bicycle, not a complicated strange racing machine.
We propose one of the easier ride that you drop the know -how cultivated in BMX.

Above all, this complete bike "TAJ", which bears the name of Taj himself, is a signboard model of the same brand.

Original grip that is sold alone

Exquisitely cool sticker design, etc., with a unique touch of Taj that shows extraordinary talent as a graphic artist
The spirit of directing the details without pulling out the details is transmitted from the entire vehicle.

Although it is a low -cost complete bike

The stem is "Sunday", which has recently been taken care of in Mate Bike.

With the brake body

The brake lever uses "Odyssey", which has a reputation for its strength.

Furthermore, the initial equipment tires are already thick 2.2 inch Maxxis.
In the first place, it is a volumey content as a custom bike.

The crank is also originally original.

By the way, this color that arrived this time is named "Trans Winter Blue" and the color is blue,
In fact, it is a bitter coloring that the base welded part can be seen through.

Moreover, the coloring is applied to the handle.

Do you do that for 85,000 yen? (respect)
Why can you do that?
It is extremely doubtful how much money will be included in the person's pocket around this one.

However, when I look at this rabbit's face that comes with cardboard at the time of delivery
It's strange that the story of such money really doesn't matter.

Of course I was covered.

Not only Brotures, but the staff of the shops that Fairdale arrived will all do.
Isn't it a lie?

That's why
27.5 -inch tires, which are quite rare in BROTURES, which is usually 700c size
TAJ has come, a confined cruiser bike.

This motorcycle where you can easily ride comfortably without speeding up
Isn't it perfect for the coming season when the cold will increase?

It will be on display from tomorrow, so please come to the store.

We'll be expecting you.


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