a running piece of art

Hello everyone, this is GORI, and I've been really into batting centers lately.

Although I'm addicted to it, I have no experience with baseball, so the white ball doesn't fly in front of me, lol.

I want to make a good sound as soon as possible, so if you have baseball experience, please give me some guidance!

Aside from talking about GORI's recent hobbies, this time we'll talk about a piece created at the Harajuku store.

We would like to introduce our customers' vehicles that are finished like beautiful works of art!

A must-see for those looking for a unique personality.


AFFINITY KISSENA Frame Set ¥163,900-tax included

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The base vehicle this time is a long-established piste frame manufacturer born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

KISSENA is a serious pure racer that AFFINITY CYCLES is proud of.

However, can you see that this car body is a little different from usual?

That's right, this car's body is decorated with pinstripes designed by Ken Takahashi (also known as Kente Flattop), who is active all over the world.

Because Mr. Ken is involved in many cultures such as motorcycles, cars, surfing, etc.

The pinstripe on this fixie bike is also of the highest quality.

Honestly, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a running work of art.


In addition to the pinstripes, this customer paid close attention to even the smallest details, so I'd like to introduce them to you in detail.

NITTO FOR SHRED BAR 31.8mm SILVER ¥8,690-tax included

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THOMSON X4 STEM 70mm SILVER ¥12,100-tax included

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First, let's introduce the handle area.

The theme of the customer's custom parts is mature beauty.

As you can see from the overall image I introduced earlier, all parts are made of SILVER.

Meanwhile, I set up the classic riser bar NITTO FOR SHRED on the handlebar, and installed THOMSON's X4 on the stem.

You can't go wrong with this handle set, which combines FOR SHRED's wide and extremely stable handling with elaborate construction and light weight.

THOMSON ELITE SILVER ¥12,100-tax included

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Of course I use THOMSON for the seat post.

I like the glimpse of THOMSON from the integrated carbon seatpost.

We couldn't unify the handlebars to THOMSON because we didn't have a silver one, but we were able to unify the seatposts without compromise.

BROTURES RIP CRANK SET ¥26,400-tax included

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BROTURES' original direct crank, RIP CRANK, is set up for the crank parts that affect the running performance of a fixie bike.

Honestly, it looks brighter than any SILVER parts. lol

Due to the direct crank structure, the shaft is thicker than a normal crank, increasing rigidity and making it easy to use.

Of course, as the name "direct crank" suggests, it is characterized by less power loss and a more comfortable running experience.

The fact that you can buy a direct crank in this price range is the strength of the original.

GRANCOMPE complete wheel SILVER ¥40,370-tax included

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For the front and rear wheels, we selected GRANCOMPE wheels, which are the most cost-effective complete wheels.

Although it is a set price at this price, it has a surprisingly smooth bearing performance and is highly supported by the BROTURES staff.

I chose a wheel with a low rim height this time, so I set up a deep rim like the H PLUS SON SL42.

It gives a different impression and looks interesting!


We have introduced a beautiful piece of art that harmonizes with carefully selected pinstripe and generously used silver parts.

At our Harajuku store, we have been assisting in the creation of many unique car bodies.

Please let us help you with your riding needs at BROTURES Harajuku.

We look forward to your visit and consultation, so please feel free to contact us.



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