In the past exhibition amount.

Hello everyone, this is a coater that introduced "Umaka -chan" yesterday.

Did you read the blog immediately checked me?

Even if there is no store nearby in a convenient world now, you can get it on the next day by online shopping, so please try it and let us know your impressions! smile


I was sorry to talk about the bag noodles ramen every day.

Let's move on to the main subject immediately.


As I wrote in the title, it is "the best exhibition of the past" at the Harajuku store!

what? I'm feeling. smile

Here it is!

Mate X ¥ 352,000 ~

Mate City ¥ 253,000 ~

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Popular electric assist bike "Mate"


・ Wearing thick fat tires and overwhelming presence, and "X" that plays an active part in various scenes

・ "City", which is mainly considered to be town riding, is slender than X, overall compact design.


Full suspension, built -in battery, wiring technology, etc. The technologies of electric bicycles that have not been introduced in Japan have been gathered, and the specifications that are more than enough for city riding.

It is a "next -generation vehicle that all turns the rider into a smile"!

Currently, the Harajuku store is exhibited like an image of the previous one, and both models also have test rides.

If you are nearby, please drop by and experience the splendor.

Also, if you are far away, it may be difficult to come to the store, but in such a case, please feel free to contact us from the following.


(Although the inventory is limited, we won the first -come -first -served basis) We are waiting for your inquiry!



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