Moterider from beginner.

Regarding the recent bro situation, is a great success, and we have received many orders quickly. We hope that you will continue to spread as a new feeling vehicle in the future.

By the way, even for the first time in the treatment of e-bike, Bro continues to focus on the fabrics as before. Is it a conservative team that supports some old culture?

The pisto frame "Dosonoventa" which is the centerpiece of the blot. Recently, Toshi seems to be on board as a car while cheating. Everyone knows the existence of DOS -only component parts (handle, stem, seat post, wheel). I think it will be in stock soon, so I hope you can choose from the frame first.

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set

DOSNOVENTA Detroit Frame Set

Dosnoventa Barcelona Frame Set


If you look into the warehouse, please contact us once if you are worried about the old DOSNOVENTA frame inventory. You may get bargains.

And I want you to combine it with component parts. After all, unifying the brands of the parts has been established, so there is no doubt.

It's nice to assemble funny and funny, but it's not bad to be solid. After all, the car body that can be recognized and easy can be said to be "cool".

Bicycle parts are in this age and are very delayed. If you miss this, you will not know when the arrival of the DOS parts will be in the future. First of all, I don't know the number of stocks this time.

I think the number is limited, but if you want to arrange it with DOS parts, please contact us with a saliva.

I was looking at the image of DOSNOVENTA, and I wanted to ride it. Honestly, I'm envious of Mr. Toshi.

The frame itself is only a few left, so order as soon as possible. Let's get on a popular vehicle.


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