SUPER73 SG-1 can be delivered on the same...

It's not a bicycle or a motorcycle.

There is no inconvenience of cars, suffering from traffic congestion and high maintenance costs.

But OK without a license. The current e-bike industry, where common sense is being overturned.

Among them, Super73 is introduced this time, along with

Super73 SG-1

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SG-1 is a popular look inspired by the vintage bike.

The thick block tires show excellent running performance in all places and all locations.

Smooth acceleration, high -turn high maneuverability, battery capacity of about 80km running on power motors.

From all directions, we have overturned the conventional E-Bike common sense.

The SUPER73 SG-1 is available as a limited number and a car body on the same day at BROTURES Harajuku.

After all, I want it as soon as I was told so good, that is natural.

In order to respond to such feelings, I finished it only for 5 units.

This time, we have several rare white.

It has started today, but if you are going to buy e-bike this weekend, this is a chance.

Of course, you can purchase by mail order, so please feel free to ask the following.

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