The rare value of the future.

I've been using the word nostalgic often, but is it appropriate for the year? In our school days, the national idol A ○ B48, the small age of the Korean artists, and the K ○ RA have been reversed, and I miss them now. New idols and artists will be active as repainting.

But is it still good old? At that time, I was addicted to that time and still revived.

As with bicycles and others, new things are not always good. Rather, the goodness that can be tasted in the previous model, and it may be a rare value and a pre -value.

Basically, bicycles should be good and improved, but many people still want frames at that time. That's right, the current model will not be available anymore because it will be upgraded in the next year's model.

The 2021 models for DOS, Kagero, and LO PRO are much less. If the current frame becomes a valuable thing in the future, it may be a bit. It's too late to say that you wanted the color at that time.

Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set

DOSNOVENTA Detroit Frame Set

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set

Affinity Lo Pro Frame Set 2021 "Snow White"

Affinity Lo Pro Frame Set 2021 "Mutant Blue"

There is no presentation about the production of the next year model, but even if you face the existing model firmly.

We recommend that you judge as soon as possible because the stock is low.

I regret not standing first. I think it's late after it is gone.


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