Compete with the contents.

Is the yellow sand next to the pollen?
is that so.

Good evening!
This is Miya.

Paint custom that has recently become a secret boom at the Kichijoji store,


This custom, which can be said to be the final form of "simple is vest" without decorative decorations
It is gradually showing excitement.

That's why I would like to introduce that today.

What is peeling in the first place? It's a story, but what we say is

The process of repainting that is usually performed by peeling → repainting → clear finish
Complete with peeling → clear finish.

Refers to.

What happens if you do so?

Leader® 721TR “Raw+Clear” Custom Bike
(Remove+clear finish wage ¥ 15,000 (+tax))

It will be like this.

Clearing does not contain color, so the frame is only the color of the bare material.
Simple, plain and pure so much more.
Clear finishing is the purpose of preventing rust and small scratches.

A modern frame with a clean, sharp look.

(By the way, if you peel off the chromoly, a slightly darker iron will come out.)

This time, this peeled frame is more customary.

Thomson isn't just a riser bar,
Aero -shaped carbon drop barSelect.

The front wheels are always surprised by their lightness

I was combined

GOOD YEAR has recently increased its approval rating.
Light and roll well. This is the fundamental part, but this is important.

I want you to bite the crisp skid because it looks like this.
With such a wish, the rear chooses GATOR SKIN without aligned with the front desk.
Lightness on the front and strength on the rear.
The combination of tires before and after this has been incorporated recently.

The crank that is the heart of runningBrotures Rip Crankand.

SG75DD, 80,000?
Rotor, 60,000?
Rimpoch, 50,000?
"Direct crank = expensive"
Pay attention to the strongest cost performance that overturns such an image.

See other custom parts on the page top slider.

While doing a good custom of the eyes
721TR Leave an image close to the prototype of a complete body
The specifications were greatly improved in the contents.

Above all, this "peeling" paint.
Values ​​and thoughts that have been increasing in recent years, more quality than design,
The content is more important than decorating this and this
Good vibes that appeals to such an essential value.

The price setting is also considering the mechanic work time
It is a level where the wage is too cheap. (smile
I'm really expecting that the price will be raised soon.
If you are worried, please come now.

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