Run up your mind and frame.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Today's blog is to replace a certain customer.

I was riding a 721TR with this person, but it seemed to have an accident a while ago.

It was really nice that the body and parts were not a big deal.

I just don't care about riding a chari that was unfortunate.

That's why I decided to refresh my mind and frame by replacing the frame.

The selected frame will be DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES "CAMO GREEN".

Since it was almost customized, the parts were basically shifted as they were.

However, the fine part was renewed with the meaning of maintenance at the time of replacement.

Continental tires back and forth. The front is GRAND PRIX 5000, and the rear is a golden combination called GATOR SKIN.

The brake caliper was changed to 105 of SHIMANO before and after, and further braking power was added.

This brake is affordable, but it will stop perfectly, so it is safe.

Simple designs also suit this frame.

Since the seat post is 721TR and LA, the size is different, so it is DEDA together with the handle and stem.

I feel that the overall impression has become quite refreshing just by making the Thomson seat clamp silver.

The overall color scheme is well -balanced, and even if the frame color changes, I think it is a stylish custom!

Next is safe driving so as not to have an accident! smile

We are also waiting for maintenance and custom.

Frame: DOSNOVENTA LOS LOS Angeles Frame Set \ 156,450-INTAX

Rim: H Plus Son SL-42 RIM ¥ 11,000-INTAX

Crank: MICHE PISTARD 2.0 Crank Set ¥ 30,975-INTAX

Cog: Digirit Carbon COG SET ¥ 14,500-INTAX


Seat clamp: Thomson SeatCollar ¥ 4,840-INTAX

Brake: SHIMANO 105 R7000 BRAKE SET ¥ 9,528-INTAX


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