The reason why you should buy a new Leade...

Before the great enemy of Corona, a new long -awaited LEADER®︎ new work.

Even if you look only on the image on the net, the honest difference should be hard to understand.

So I will introduce this time"What has changed?"

If you don't know this, no matter how new it is, you will not be willing to buy.

Then please see.

① It is an internal brake specification

Although it is a crowned terminology that is difficult to understand, the brake wire is built in the frame.

This has been saying for 10 years. Leader®︎ finally responded. smile

Until now, Leader®︎ had passed the wire as if crawling under the frame.

However, here is the international brake specification that arrived this time.

Originally, it is a piste that modifies a competition bicycle to the city riding specification, so the brakes are not considered.

However, the thick, refreshing, and impactful looks unique to Leader®︎ will be a little collapsed ...

I couldn't help but hold this feeling. That's why I kept saying for 10 years.

This model is a model that fully demonstrates the characteristics of Leader®︎.

② The rare color "SEA FOAM GREEN" of 725TR is fashionable! !

This color is developed only on 725TR, which was also more popular.

Known as from the land, which is the birthplace of the brand"California Green"What are you called?

A stylish SFG with such a nickname alone has been a minor change this time.

In addition to the bright pearl finish top coat, the yellow color is stronger.

I want to ride in a swimsuit in summer. I want to run along the sea. I guess it would be fashionable if a surfer person was riding.

Probably this color is such a color. It is completely prejudice, prejudice. smile

The number is overwhelmingly smaller than other colors, so if you are considering it, please be as soon as possible.

③ Attached parts composed of super -class brands.

Yabai, FSA stem and handle! It's a Vision's direct crank.

Well, for those who want to start a fox, want to start a fabric, "?"

But have you ever seen this character?


A long -established tire company that has been born in the same American as Leader®︎ and has been in his hometown for more than 100 years.

Actually, this good last tire is equipped as standard. * 735TR/725TR only, lol

Especially when the EAGLE series used for motor sports is set up, I raise me.

This tire will definitely come out when you look at the broadcast of Formula 1. Personally, I'm more gy than Pirelli.

Recently, it seems that NASCAR has been used one makeup. I don't like it more and more.

The running performance is also rolling well, and the rowing force is transmitted to the ground without loss, giving the impression that acceleration is lighter.

We sell only tires, so if you are a piste owner, try it.

The new LEADER®︎735TR and 725TR, which have been arrived after a modest minor change in detail.

The next blog introduces a custom using the body of Sea Foam Green, which was introduced in this article.

Coming Soon! !



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