I don't need racks or backpacks.

What do you do with your luggage when riding a bicycle?
I don't want to have much luggage, so I'm enough to have a mobile phone, coin purse, or a compact camera.
So I don't need an exaggerated backpack or messenger bag,
On the other hand, it is not so rough that valuables and electronic devices can be put in the basket naked.

I bought such a perfect item for me.
A genre called handle bag that has recently been seen.
The minimum item can be stored without excess or shortage, and the attachment and detachment can be done quickly with bare hands.
It goes well with a minimal piste bike.

This time, we have prepared three types of handle bags from the messenger brand Chrome.

Up)Chrome Urban EX 2.0 Handlebar Bag
left)Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag
right)Chrome DoubleTrack Handlebar Sling Bag

All of them are waterproof or weather proof with 3 to 5L capacity.
If you remove it from the handle, it can be used as a shoulder bag.

A plus alpha shot on your lifestyle and your car.
How about a life -sized piste bike?


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