Leader735TR Limited model!

Hello everyone.
This year's 25th Anniversary has greeted the GORI of Harajuku store!
That's right.
I'm the same age as Leader. lol
Actually, among the members of all BROTURES stores, I am only a 25 -year -old person.
I'm an old face, but I'm a little 25 years old.
In terms of age, I think 25 years old is still young,
Like Leader, there should have been a lot of hardships and difficulties, far beyond imagination, to continue 25 years as a brand.
It's amazing that it's amazing that you can continue for so long, and I think while looking at the 25th anniversary car body. lol
I'm on the 735TR myself, so I will row on Meiji -dori today, tomorrow, tomorrow, and the day in order to deliver the coolness of Leader to many people! lol
If you see it, please call us! I'm pretty happy. lol

Aside from my story, at this time, the 25th anniversary, and the limited color body came out, so I would like to look back on the past of Leader!
After looking back, a custom vehicle of Leader 735TR that appeared as a limited color will also appear, so please take a look at the end.

In 1999, the United States is located in California, and Leader, who was born in San Diego, is a brand that has created a popular frame on the front line with the concept of the fastest street.
They continue to work on road bikes, not a cross bike, but to create a piste bike.
Speaking of San Diego, Sandy Ego Padres, who belongs to Darvish, who is active in MLB, is the home of the home base.
Leader = San Diego = Darvish may be remembered!

That said, at the beginning of the brand launch, the main was the creation of road bikes due to the effects of the times.
To be honest, I didn't know about this fact until I joined the company, so
When I first heard it, I couldn't hide my surprise. lol

In the wake of the 2004 encounter with a manA turning point came to Leader.
That man is "Emi Brown"!
EMI, a messenger in San Francisco as an original Mash member, had an accident that the fork was broken during the shooting.
At that time, he contacted Leader's founder SAL. SAL was happy to accept the request and immediately sent a replacement fork to the EMI.
In this case
EMI decided to start riding Leader.
At that time, the "pistol culture" was still a minor, and some geeks were riding, but with the encounter with the EMI, Leader decided to take a serious point and promote product development. 。

By the way!
The 735TR, which represents Leader, was born in 2011 and recent stories.
In the existing model, 725TR is located the oldest.
Geometry designed for Asians and the heart of the viewer,
The 735TR, which has a thick aero dowt -cube using the 7000s aluminum, also loves EMI and runs around the city.
The Leader, which is created by the prototype 735TR, and does not always compromise from the current form, and creates the fastest street body.

Leader, the fastest brand on the street, has participated in the race industry in earnest around 2013 and has achieved good results in many races.
In 2015Red Hook Crit 2015 RAUL TORRES of Leader Tame was 3rd place in Brooklyn No.8, and it showed his ability to the race industry as well as streets!

After that, Leader participated in various races, including Red Hook Crit.
In 2016, he tagged with a streetwear brand "UNDEFEATED", which is based on LA like Leader, announced the collaboration piste team and was active beyond the streets!
If you think about it now, it's a lot of feeling that my favorite brands were tagging each other.

At last, it was quite broken, but Leader 25 years looks like this. lol
Now and in the past, I will be in love with Leader, who is making a fast and cool body. lol

Looking back at Leader for a long time, today's main subject.
I customized the 25th anniversary model 735TR!

Leader 735TR "50s Venis Beach" 25th ¥ 220,000-Tax in

This car body color, which appeared in commemoration of the 25th anniversary, was considered the color scheme based on the atmosphere of the 1950s Benis Beach.
Then, why the yellow -colored color was adopted this time?
This color motif is actually selected for three reasons, so I will introduce that quickly.

1, to express the atmosphere of a photo of the Benis Beach in the 1950s
2. To express the beautiful sandy beach of Benis Beach
Color reminiscent of 3, 50s American cars

From the three things, the 25th anniversary commemorative color was born!
* This was taught by President Leader's SAL about this. lol
I like Leader's body because I'm really concerned about deciding one color like this.

And this custom is a Leader rider that appeared in the story I mentioned earlier.
Choose the custom parts from the 735TR that EMI Brown straddled.

BROTURES SHRED88 Front/Rear F \ 71,500-/R ¥ 77,000-Tax in

The carbon diprim SHRED88 is set on the front and rear wheels.
As you can see from the past video that EMI is set with Cane Creek's carbon diprim, we have created the same style this time!
Speaking of BROTURES, T3 × SHRED88 is the royal road custom,
Speaking of Leader, isn't the EMI Brown specification of the front and rear carbon diprims?

Leader Down Town Bar ¥ 8,800-Tax in

Of course, it is customized with EMI specification.
Long riser bar is recommended for city riding mainly,
Why don't you throw away such a sweet idea and put a track drop that emphasizes the sloppy?
Because it is a LEAD ER with the fastest street, I think it would be a good idea to run around the city, which is easy to run around the city endlessly.

MKS Mash Strem Wide ¥ 5,544-Tax in

MKS FIT-α Spirits Strap ¥ 2,304-Tax in

If you want to make a racy out around the handle, you will not make the undercarriage refreshing, so this time we chose the toe clip.
Personally, my feet were too big, so I had nothing to do with the toe clip,
I recently tested the toe clip and it was easy to run unexpectedly.
I noticed the ease of skid, so I recommended it for custom this time! lol

Selle Italia Novus Boost ¥ 14,000-Tax in

The last custom is a saddle!
SELLE ITALIA Novus Boost Evo that will definitely make the ride maximum.
Recently, I always decided on Selle San Marco, but my favorite saddle was out of print, and my feelings gradually got cold. 。 。 lol
Rather than pursuing an unreasonable love, I wonder if I was able to meet the best saddle with the desire to find a new love. lol
After all, the fit of the buttocks is GORI.
It seems that the heart and the ass were robbed at the moment of straddling.
When choosing a saddle, I am always conscious of whether the nose and the open fit are open.
A saddle with a short nose provides a smooth ride and exit for me in the 365th day of waist bread.
If it is an open fit, it is easy to get stuck when riding, so the load is distributed and the ride will proceed with a comfortable ride, so if you are worried about the pain in the buttocks, we recommend the open fit! lol

Well, it has become long overall, but the custom for the 25th anniversary of the 735TR I think is like this!
In commemoration of the 25th anniversary, I expressed 25 by hand, but it was completely 52th anniversary after forgetting the camera. lol
I hope this photo can be used again at the 52nd anniversary, so
We will continue to sell Leader so that it can be realized! lol
This commemorative model is like a commemorative model, so if you are worried, we are sure to contact us as soon as possible.


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