The long -awaited guy!

Finally, the rainy season has entered.

Apparently, I'm from Hokkaido, an island without the rainy season.

By the way, today is the product arrival announcement blog.

"After a long time," and "The new face of him", please.

Aluminium Riser Bar 750mm ¥ 13,200 (Intax)

Actually, a riser bar is available from Thomson for the first time in a while.
Was the last arrival around the new year?
This time, one type of aluminum and two carbon are in a total of 3 types!

The specifications are as follows.
・ 20mm rise
・ Upsweep 5 degrees
・ Bucksweep 8 degrees

as a side note
Rise = height from the clamp section (stem)
Up Seep = Rise angle
Bucksweep = angle warped in front

I feel like that.

The recommended point of Thomson Riser Bar is
Lightness and strength.

If the riser is cheap, it will be about ¥ 5,000.
Some of them say "Mishimishi" and "Pakipaki", although they do not break.
(It's absolutely not in Thomson.)
That's fine for a casual custom like a change,
If you think about dating for a long time, it is better to make Thomson ◎

Carbon Flat Bar 730mm ¥ 22,000 (Intax)

・ ± 8mm rise
・ Upsweep 0 degrees
・ Bucksweep 8 degrees

This is a carbon type.
Needless to say, lightweight. (205g)

The type of flip flop design, by inverting up and down and attaching it.
You can choose whether to go up or down from the clamp part, 8mm each, respectively.

By the way, since the upsweep is 0 degrees, it is not bent at all upwards.
In other words, it is completely flat when viewed from the front. Flat.

Looking from the top, it is warped at the same angle as the aluminum 750mm.
Feeling that it responds to a powerful running rather than "ease of riding".
For you who are stoic.

Carbon Riser Bar 750mm ¥ 22,000 (Intax)

・ 12mm rise
・ Upsweep 5 degrees
・ Bucksweep 8 degrees

Carbon type with almost the same shape as Aluminium Riser Bar 750mm introduced first.
This is decided to balance looks and ease of riding.

The price of the Thomson riser is reasonably expensive
The last time it was sold out in a little one month.

This time I have purchased a little more
I don't know how long it will have in stock, so everyone will be as soon as possible.

So so far
"A long time."

From here, we will introduce "A new face".

OURY V2 Grip ¥ 1,980 (Intax)

Kichijoji "A new face"
Personally, it's a long -awaited guy.

I was waiting seriously.
A new product of OURY famous for "not sticky".
The manufacturer's stock has been expired for a long time, but it is finally in stock.

This V2 grip, the end shape different from the conventional type,
Minor change has been changed neatly than before!

That's why the riser I introduced earlier is excellent.

If you post in the story today,
Two customers have purchased as early as possible! !

Thank you ① (Black)

Thank you ② (Purple)

Miya's recommended color "TEAL"

The turquoise -like pop color is fresh. good.

By the way, this grip,
As the store manager was likely to get angry, it arrived in large quantities.
Please buy everyone! (Seriously! Please!)


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