If you enjoy the appearance and running, ...

A custom that is inseparable even if you enjoy a fixie bike.

The most main part of the many parts is wheels.

By making a wheel custom, not only improving driving performance,

If you wear an outstanding impact wheel such as a carbon baton wheel, it will look cool.

In particular, it is true that many people who are looking for Leader® in Brotures want a baton wheel custom.

If you ride with great effort, you want to keep riding something cool from the beginning.

And this time, for those who want to customize carbon baton wheels.

Introducing T3 Carbon WHEEL, which is Brotures Product and has excellent appearance and driving performance.

BROTURES T3 Carbon Wheel Front \ 99,000-Tax included

BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL REAR \ 104,500-Tax included

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BROTURES royal road custom parts,"Brotures T3 Carbon WHEEL".

The most popular T3 charm of BROTURES's original carbon baton wheels is

After all, it looks like a big impact.

The unique thickness of each bottle and the appearance from the deep rim surrounding it are

There is a coolness that can not be put in other baton wheels.

In particular, customs for thick down tubes such as Leader®735TR

The compatibility is outstanding because the thickness of the spoke and the thickness of the tube match.

In addition, for the full carbon material, it is surprisingly light of 870g.

Therefore, light rowing and rotation performance are realized.

If you bring it to customers at the store that it is very light, everyone will be surprised.

Even with a weight down of only hundreds of grams, I want to stick to lightness because it is a bicycle industry with a big difference in running.

I hope you can see the actual custom photos in the past.

Until now, we have customized many frames such as Leader®735TR, Kagero, Dosnoventa, NJS, etc.

Personally, I like the rear shred88 on the front T3 on the royal road.

Broturs T3 Carbon WHEEL, which we introduced this time, has started reservations for the next arrival schedule for both before and after.

Since it is sold out every time before the arrival order, please make a reservation as soon as possible if you are interested.

We look forward to your inquiry.

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