Is this custom unexpectedly unusual for t...

This is exactly the true value of the racing frame.

In response to the rider's demands, "LOOK CYCLE", which creates the best frame that has been poured in the know -how so far

Let's start with that history.


Look Cycle International, headquartered in Never, France, has introduced various ideas and new technologies to meet strict requests from top -level riders.

In 1984, the binding pedal "PP65" was developed, greatly contributed to the fifth tool de France championship by Bernard Innows, and this method has been established as a safe and reliable fixing method, and today is a standard item. became.

The first full carbon frame, including the front fork, was launched in 1986 and won the Tour de France overall victory by Greg Lemon.

Finished carbon fiber into a carbon tube with a unique manufacturing method, the technology that can be handmade in the company's factory has been accomplished by feedback on the tough demands from top -level riders, and the Tour de France Mountain Award for the third consecutive year to the third consecutive year. Acquisition. In various other bicycle competitions, the athletes are always leading to a brilliant victory.


It is a brand that handles the finest frames with such a wonderful achievement.

This time, from that, "875 Madison RC CritttThe M size of] was the last one at the Harajuku store, so I tried to assemble Brotures parts as the main.

* Please refer to the previous blog for detailed specifications.

↓ ↓ ↓

Look Madison 875 Frame Set ¥ 264,000-

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The wheels are the royal road pattern of the front desk "T3" and the rear "SHRED88".

If you put it on the LOOK frame, it will give you a different impression.

However, as always, the impact is the strongest.

SHRED88 wheels are in stock before and after, but T3 wheels are currently sold out and make reservations.

If you wish, please contact us.

And the crank is "Rip Crank", and the handle is selected around the FSA parts.

Rather than racing specifications, I dared to assemble with city riding specifications.

Although it is relatively inexpensive except for wheels, it is a reliable brand.

Of course, the parts around that are Sugino or Thomson, so it is good to assemble from the beginning.

It is also a good idea to gradually upgrade and enjoy the change.

Decide how to set up with your budget and your personality.

When it comes to the amount so far"Cash is tough"That person. Please be assured.

BROTURES can use "Bike Loan".

You can select the monthly repayment by yourself, so you can purchase the bicycle you want without pressing your daily life!

If you are interested, please contact us in detail.

This custom is a little different from usual.

The golden size "M size" will be only one last, so if you are interested, please be as soon as possible.




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