Spring test drive fair beside the bro

Spring is a busy season at a chariya.
It is the most season to receive orders and consultations in one year.
Among them, it seems that many people are more concerned about the size and riding comfort than consulting about customs and parts.
It's Sorya likely.
seeing is believing. We are conducting test drive fairs of various motorcycles beside the bro.

We will arrange from various pistol bikes to the topic E-Bike.
You can test drive Leader, Local Bike, staff Dosnoventa and Kagero.
Even if you are considering purchasing a new car in a new life, etc., you can also try the riding comfort of the frame you are interested in.

E-Bike that everyone is worried about.
Mate. Bike is resident and SUPER73 will be available.
You want to compare the ride here, right?
You should be able to realize that it is surprisingly different.

I don't have a specific image, can I ride myself?
If you have any anxiety factors, please try it!
I think you'll feel like it's good to ride.
Please feel free to contact BROTURES YOKOHAMA for your test drive!

73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)