2021's password is "buy it at some point"

Hello, this is Toriyama.

As the title suggests, the parts have not been fully supplied at all since 2021, or 2020.

The manufacturer's inventory does not resurrect, sold out as soon as it enters a small amount ...

Those who get the roses and gives the fixing order are always troubled by selecting parts.

We are looking at this situation every day, so what we can tell everyone is "buy it at some time."

Really, you don't believe it depends on you, but if you are worried, it will disappear.

Especially if you want to assemble a new fix from the frame.

If you have the parts you want to use or the frame you want to ride, I think it's most efficient to buy it at any time in anticipation of completion.

So today, if it is no longer the existing parts, let's pick up the long next one.

If you have something you want, please read this blog immediately after reading this blog.

We can only prepare in the order we received.

Nitto B801 Riser Bar ¥ 8,800-INTAX

It's been a long time since Nitto. Those who have high Rise of the popular B80 series.

It is an affordable high quality part that uses highly rigid aluminum and can be used for many years.

Because it is an up -ized design, it is also popular with those who want to enjoy and women. The arrival this time is only black.

Hed. Belgium Disc Type RIM ¥ 28,600-INTAX

This is the end of production, so it will never come in the future.

Needless to say, the aluminum rim of the brand HED. Is the last arrival from the manufacturer yesterday.

As of yesterday, half of the 28 holes and 24 holes have already been contracted as of yesterday.

Chris King NTS 1-1/8 Headset ¥ 24,200-INTAX

This is a standard that can be used for Angelino. This standard is a level item that all of you should do.

This standard is an old standard and is mostly used in chromoly frames.

And it is used for a long time that you can make something affordable, so you can use the headset of the finished car.

And the backlash comes soon. If that happens, you will feel like you bought a fixi.

So, if you are on a chari that can use this standard, it will be costly, but I want you to do it seriously.

That alone will turn around for 10 years. If you use the same standard, you can replace it.

Digirit Carbon Chainring ¥ 22,000-INTAX ~

You've become quite familiar with the world. I use it every day, but it's a good part.

This is not something to wait for compared to other parts yet

Basically, you can only choose the desired color and number of teeth by ordering, so please think that you order rather than buy at stores.

Instead, you can order a good number of teeth, so I'm very happy for those who want to ride with a large gear ratio.

Recently, the appearance of Majora color and cut -out models has been widened by the appearance.

If you are suffering from the custom of the chainring, use this Digirit. I'm always satisfied.

SUGINO 75 series

This area is gradually disappearing from the previous post. And there is no manufacturer.

These cranks are probably parts that will probably not decrease in the future, so if you're worried, buy them now.

That's the case with those who are thinking about roses. There is no frame that does not suit this crank, so if you get lost.

I think it's a very correct choice to buy parts first in the future.

At the time of MACK x F rim, I ordered a color scheme that would look good before buying Vigosti.

I can't choose when I say it, then it's overturned.

Please feel free to contact us if you are wondering if you are not introduced this time.


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