Selective withdrawal.

I want to eat something asexual and spicy things last night
I purchased some spicy cup noodles.
The champion is Peyang with overwhelming spicy.
Maruka Foods I'm always indebted to you.

Apparently, you can get hot spicy product information that can be obtained around. This is Miya.

Now, From the creative brand "Dosnoventa" (DSNV) from Spain
Genuine components are available.

Handle, stem, seat post, front and rear wheels,
The main parts are almost all together.
Of course, you can enjoy the sense of DNSV more deeply
Many parts use lightweight carbon materials and have a very excellent specifications.

Today, I immediately tried to assemble one using such a genuine DSNV component.

DSNV Detroit Custom Bike ¥ 516,250 (Intax)

(DOSNOVENTA DETROIT Frame Set ¥ 174,900 (Intax))

DSNV 101 DROP BAR ¥ 25,410 (Intax)

DSNV 103 STEM ¥ 8,470 (Intax)

DSNV 105 SEAT POST ¥ 15,510 (Intax)

DSNV106 Wheel Set ¥ 162,250 (Intax)

I took a quick shot.

All the new components arrived this time

“Stray from The Way”
The text of “Nothing Outside The Whole” is engraved.


“Let's leave the road”
“There is nothing in the outside world”

Especially the "Stray from the Way" part
It is also used for the title in the new movie of DSNV which was laid the other day.
It is a description that strongly symbolizes their minds this term.

Race, gender, occupation, politics, state, plague.
The only problem of the world is something that makes you want to look away.

Oh, I have to do this
“Outside The Whole” that imposes such a default route without evidence (outside world)
From there, "stray" (separated), what you get on a different way from others you chose
I guess there will be a special "meaning".


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