I'm about to worry about safety.

Hello. This is TOSHI.
I got married last month.
People who have been knowing me for a long time said, "No way".
I think so.

At that time, this body is no longer the only one.
You have to be more healthy and safety than before.
BROTURES is also a faint, and the number of wife is increasing, and I want to put a helmet properly.
I came to conversation frequently.

If you put a helmet, it is good to be cool.
A guy who can wear it without any discomfort even in plain clothes.
Then Bern can't be lost.
That's why I started handling BERN helmets.

Bern helmet

It is a standard brand for street culture, such as skateboards, snowboards, and BMX.
There aren't many helmets that are not too much lacy and have both casual and well -safe safety.
This time, I purchased three models that fit the cycle scene.

Bern Macon 2.0

Speaking of BERN, this macon. You often see it in the street scene.
A simple silhouette that has been cut off the waste to the limit.
It is a comfortable helmet with a Japanese Fit that matches the Japanese head.

Model: Mitz (Wear Size L / Head circumference 55cm)

Bern Major

This Major is a perfect urban helmet for the city cycle.
In addition to a slightly shallow structure and 14 ventilation, it is equipped with MIPS to achieve comfortable and comfortable comfort and safety.
The stylish design that is not apt but not wild is also a good impression.

Model: Junki (worn size L / I forgot to measure the head, but maybe smaller than Mitz)

Bern Hudson

HUDSON is a model created in consideration of the safety of BERN history.
Succeeded in reducing the impact on the head by increasing the protection range by 10%compared to the conventional helmets and throwing the impact during the crash at 43%.
A helmet with a sense of security that wraps the head.
The attached tail light is attached to the back of the head.

Model: TJ (Wear size M / head around 60cm)

Simple classic Macon, stylish Major, safety -oriented Hudson.
We have such a lineup.
The size is different for each model, so please try around your head.
If you don't have a winding scale, it's a good idea to go around your head with a string or something.

Finally, another one.
A helmet that I would recommend to you who are more authentic is also available.
Smith's big hit, Network.

Smith network

A popular helmet with a compact and stylish silhouette.
The MIPS structure has a reliable safety, and the 20 vent holes ensure breathability, realizing a comfortable wearing comfort that can easily fit into the shape of the Japanese head with Asian fit.
If you attach the attached visor, it will suit casual city rides.
SMITH's sunglasses are designed to be fixed at the top, so please set it as a set.

If you can come to the store, you can try it on, so please feel free to call us.
Helmet has been mandatory from April, so I was looking for it, but I don't know which one to choose! Why don't you start with Bern or Smith?
I'm thinking of buying Major.


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