721TR has restocked for the first time in...

Speaking of Leader, it is a piste bike brand that has a very thick and lightweight aluminum frame.
A pioneer in the track racer into town riding.
This 721TR was born to have more people enjoy such Leader's view of Leader.


The same material, design, and fork as the upper model are also made of full carbon.
A model that succeeded in reducing costs without impairing Leader's identity.

The "entry model" is easy to understand, but it is a bit rough to categorize it.
Of course, it is a perfect one for the first pin, but it is a piste bike that I would like to recommend, especially for young people who will be in a new life.

I want you to lower the hurdle as much as possible, turn it into a custom, or enjoy it unique to the fix.

The color lineup is three colors, matte black, gloss white, and mat orange.
The size is from XS to XL.
From women to students who are growing, you can ride a piste bike in your favorite style.

As it is a model that is relatively easy to get out, the sales volume is not as good as the flagship model 735TR.
Due to the recent global situation, the arrival is a little unstable. It was the first time in one year.
It is safe to be able to manage it in the high season.

If you make a fixing debut this spring, 721TR is recommended.
At BROTURES stores, you can test drive, fittings, and free estimates.
By the way, students can use 10%OFF student discount.

If you are far away, please use the online store.
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