Skin care even for bicycles. A free wage ...

I introduced an electric air in order to improve work efficiency.
It is incredibly comfortable.
It's the power of civilization.

Apparently, it is a secret that it is a countermeasure against back pain. This is Miya.

By the way, the weather forecast is that there is no day that exceeds 30 degrees this year.
It's finally a full -fledged autumn arrival. Thank you very much this summer.

While working hard in the lasting remaining heat
By saying that bicycles are also damaged in such places beyond summer
Click here today.

OURY V2 Grip ¥ 1,980 (Tax in)

That's right, grip.

The only part that touches with bare skin during riding, grip.
Because it is a part where the texture is directly transmitted,
It goes without saying that the quality here has a significant effect on the riding feel.

How is your grip condition?
This summer direct sunlight and hand sweat,
Isn't it slimy and sticky? ?

At this time when the temperature drops, it is a greater summer sticky, so
Refreshing the grip is recommended.


Among the many grips, this "OURY" which is recommended this time is
Even though many manufacturers are turning into Asian production, despite the long -established brands that have over half a century
It is a handsome brand that stubbornly penetrates "MADE IN USA".

Until last year, this design with this flange was a standard product,
From this year, a new straight type without flange has joined.

V2 Grip gained a more sharp atmosphere with no flanges.

As the overall length has grown, it is highly compatible with the popular riser bar custom.

That's why
4 days from tomorrow to Saturdays and Sundays, at Brotures Kichijoji store

Only for those who purchase OURY GRIP
The grip replacement wage is free (free)!

Why don't you refresh the grip of your favorite car that drags the summer batter?

Also, it's about to embark in earnest, but where should I customize? Even those who are at a loss
We recommend a grip custom that you can easily challenge at low cost!


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