Adult play tools

Hello everyone. GORI.

Until this time, it was hot like summer, but the temperature suddenly dropped and it was in autumn!

It may be a good idea to prepare autumn and winter clothes in earnest.

Aside from that, are you playing immediately?

As I get older, I think that I rarely play soccer and baseball as in the past.

I myself moved to Tokyo from my hometown, so I could only meet good friends about once a year.

I feel lonely.

So today, I would like to introduce some special playground equipment that can be enjoyed alone.


This time, I will introduce it, the special play tool is hand -assembled wheels!

You may have heard that it is a hand -based wheel, and you may have thought that it is not a play tool.

I want you to think of the process of assembling this hand -gathered wheel as a play, so I introduced it this time.

One of the parts of wheels is that the rims, spokes, hubs, and craftsmen intersect.

It will be a very hand that is born as one thing.

Once you look at the carbon baton wheels, you may not have a strong impact that you can't forget,

I think the wheels that are just for yourself, which are packed with your commitment, will surely become a treasure part of a living thing!

The important rim parts of hand -assembled wheels, which are such adult play tools, have been added to the Harajuku store for several sets.

I will introduce it immediately.

BROTURES CARBON F-RIM 35mm/55mm ¥ 49,500-Tax included

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The rim parts include aluminum material and carbon material.

What arrived this time is the latter of the rim of the carbon material.

While various carbon rims are on the world, they are creating parts that can reach itchy places,

The characteristics of F-RIM created from the original product are its originality.

Because it is a rim that can specify the number of holes, rim hats, patterns, etc. as you like, even if it is difficult to use, it is difficult to use.

The place where you can use it without difficulty is really attractive. (By the way, all stock stocks will be 32H)

Furthermore, since you can specify a rim hat, you can make a thin and classical impression, or to finish it with a deep appearance from the street.


However, there are people who do not know how to actually assemble, so we will introduce some wheels using F-RIMs so far!

MACK TRACK HUB × BROTURES F-RIM F/R F \ 95,700/R ¥ 99,000-tax included

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PHIL WOOD PRO HIGH FLANGE × F-RIM ¥ 91,080-Tax included

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We have introduced two wheels built with MACK hubs with over -the -counter stock and PHIL WOOD hub.

The wheels that match the MACK hub with a different dimension and rotation performance, and the deep rim are the best wheels that have their favorite staff at the Harajuku store.


A wheel group that is an adult play tool.

Why don't you make your own play tools together at this time when special carbon rims arrive?

It has been less than a month now, and the Harajuku store can complete the order wheel, so we look forward to your consultation with the wheel group.

If you can't wait so much, the wheels introduced earlier are in stock, so please consider them!

We look forward to your visit and consultation.



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