A long night's essential item.

It seems that the grandmother in the country is 82 years old.
Thank you for living for a long time.

Apparently, my grandson is Arasa. This is Miya.

By the way, if you notice it, it's October
Recently, the sun has fallen really faster.

Apparently, the entry of the sun seems to be one minute earlier every day, that is, the calculation is 30 minutes earlier in one month.
It seems that the sun goes down 30 minutes earlier than a month ago today.
Miya, who has no learning, is a scale from the eyes.

Even in the local Hokkaido winter, there are few streetlights and moonlight, but the snow at the feet is reflected and it is relatively bright.
When I just came to Tokyo, I felt that it was simple, dark and scary in the fall and winter in Tokyo.
I'm used to it
I run through the city at night with a fabric vehicle with a faster speed, so
I want to hedge risks firmly.

So today's topic is about the long night's essentials "Light".

Knog Blinder Mini Niner ¥ 6,578 (Tax IN)

From Melbourne, Australia, continues to attract riders around the world with innovative technology and high design
The up -and -coming brand "KNOG".

Miya's favorite brand
Previously, I used a relentless light front light called 450 lumen of the same brand.
A few months ago, I dropped while driving and died.
Since thenBlinder mini"I use it as a front and rear set.

450 lumen was good, but the size was big as it was.
Now I really like this compact size.

It's bright at a level that you can't look directly.

It is such a BLINDER mini, but in fact the new model has been released this year.
The store inventory of the Kichijoji store has been replaced with a new model.

That's here.

Knog Blinder Mini
Front / Rear ¥ 3,982 (TAX IN)

The above -mentioned “NINER” should have been a completely new model, but it is already a new model.
KNOG, we are not focusing on product development.

Regardless of the red, it seems that the white LED was developed for the first time in 1995, so it is a recent impression.
Even now, I think that this kind of lighting world is really a sunrise month.

While maintaining a modest size that does not impair the aesthetics of the body
The light amount has been greatly upgraded to the front 50 lumens and the rear 30 lumen.
It is outstanding convenient because it is still cordless charging and completely waterproof.

It is a waterproof function that I want to pay particular attention to.
There is a light that says "It broke when running in the rain"
This KNOG product is "completely unrelated".

I mean
This is relatively inexpensive among the many lineups of KNOG
Even Blinder Mini, the provided performance is "IP67", boasting a high -power resistance.

I think it's an unfamiliar word, so if you supplement it,
"IP" is an acronym for International Protection, and is an international standard for waterproof and dustproof.
Called the IP code, the third character following "IP" is "dustproof performance (protection class for solids)".
The fourth number means "waterproof performance (protection grade for water)".

However, waterproof and dustproof performance that is difficult to measure with numbers.
Each number is defined as follows

When applied to the new BLINDER,
Regarding the dustproof grade, [6 dust does not enter the inside] of the MAX value.
The most important waterproof grade [7 with a certain amount of water pressure (30 minutes) does not have harmful effects even if it is immersed in the water]
As you can see, the waterproof performance is also similar to the strongest.

That's why not just bright
From its good looks, ease of use, and end durability
KNOG products that are definitely first -class products.

It is an excellent guide to rely on the long autumn night.
Please wear it and wear it.


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