Items that can get along with the fixes a...

If you search for a piste bike, you will see a "brake" at the top of the related word.
The image of the piste's no brake is still strong.

Not even now, driving of bicycles without brakes is prohibited in Japan.
Of course, all pisters sold at Brotures are also included.
However, the brakes are still always despised in the piste parts.

I just said, "It's good to attach it for the time being."
If you want to attach it, let's customize it coolly, including the brakes! That is today's topic.

ByCRUISE Paracord brake cable 2m ¥ 2,000 (+Tax)

There are various brakes and lever, but there were no cool cables before.
This is an item that combines a stainless steel cable made by Nissen with a paracord made in the United States.
Isn't this texture or military -like and super good?
It looks like this when I attach it to a motorcycle.

What is the inorganic brake cable that has been in the way so far matches this? 。
I'm not sure, but I'm happy.
In this case, it looks good for a unique custom as a dress up of a motorcycle ◎

It is also attractive that it is abundant.


Black X reflective


Coyote brown

Olive green

Neon orange

Neonung -twin

Please customize it with your favorite color according to the image of your car.
Personally, I'm not worried about reflective.

* Since heat treatment is required for installation, it will be limited to sales at stores.

Please feel free to contact us as you can install it immediately during the day!
I hope the person who has the brake and the person who does not have it (absolutely!)


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