Would you like to change the head parts?

Speaking of the body custom flower shape, there are around the handle, wheels, and cranks.

I think that it is a custom point with a flower so that you can see the difference at a glance if you customize it.

Today, the main custom, which has such a flower, is a pretty niche part, forgetting it once,

As the title suggests, I would like to talk about replacing head parts!

By the way, if you are already customizing the wheels, handles, and cranks, I would like to recommend the custom of the head parts introduced this time!

Then, I will give a quiz immediately. smile

Which of the following three photos are the head parts introduced this time? ?

The correct answer you care about is the photo of ③!

By the way, the photo of ① is a stem, and the photo of ② is a top cap, so please remember this opportunity!

Of the many pisto parts, the parts themselves are not so noticeable, so I think there are few people who know it surprisingly.

Therefore, it should be a part that tends to be postponed when customizing.

But the parts called head parts are not just visible.

Actually, the real reason is better to customize the head parts in this head tube!

Let's approach the reason!

The only head parts in the photo that appeared earlier in the quiz were the caps of the upper, but in fact, in the head tube

There were hidden parts!

These parts"bearing"It will be a part called.

Because there is a bearing in the headset, you can operate the steering wheel and run comfortably to the right and left.

The custom here is a custom point that can not be cut when seeking a comfortable running.

It will be a powerful part under the edge that supports our running while hiding.

And the bearing of these head parts cost a lot of load when driving.

The loads from everywhere, 360 °, such as the upper and lower shock vibration transmitted from the road surface and the friction when operating the steering wheel left and right.

Note The bearing of the photo is not a headset one!

Therefore, if you keep riding for a long time without replacing the head parts from the delivery, the bearing will rust and you will not be able to draw out the original performance of the parts.

The biggest risk that can occur at such a time is that the steering wheel can no longer be operated due to bearing problems. 。 。

It's afraid just to think about it. smile


There are two suggestions that I can do so that many people avoid such risks.

Proposal 1

The first is the maintenance that also serves as a grease -up of the headset!

As I will tell you many times, the bearing parts that are most important in head parts are hidden in the head tube, so I can't see them!

So, let's do regular maintenance.

In fact, when riding in the rain, it is a major cause of water in the bearing part and rusting.

However, if you continue to grease the parts firmly like a new car state, it will protect you from hatred water!

With regular maintenance, you can keep protecting, so we recommend regular maintenance before you feel uncomfortable!

Chris King Drop Set 2 ¥ 30,060-Tax included

Proposal Part 2

Proposal 2 is custom for good things!

What I think when I propose custom parts to customers is to use good things for a long time.

The recent bicycle part situation is honest, the price increases, and the price of parts is soaring.

Previously, the parts that were easily picked up are now available unless they are excited.

Still, the parts I got are honest, and if the accuracy is good, the durability is good.

There are various ways of thinking, but rather than set cheap items for the time being and replace them regularly,

If you use your favorite good things for a long time, you will be really economical, environmental, and you will love your body more.

I also want to customize such a beloved body.Cris King Drop Set 2.

The quality of CHRIS KING, born in the United States, is the best in the world.

High -precision bearing driving enables smooth handle operation without rattling, and durable.

Impression that many of the custom cars that are customized have this headset.

It must be a major reason for not only the accuracy of the parts but also this beautiful modeling beauty.

Of course, the reason I like is the beauty that can only be created by Chris King.

If you ride such a bicycle, the headset that everyone longs for is a miracle restock with only three points in the Harajuku store!

BLACK, a popular color, arrived this time.

By the way, the vehicle that complies with the Drop Set 2 standard introduced is like this.

・ Leader 735TR. ・ DOSNOVENTA TOKYO ・ Tyrant Bikes Kagero

・ Leader 725TR. ・ DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles.

・ Leader 721TR. ・ Dosnoventa Detroit. ・ Tyrant Bikes Beastie

・ Leader Cure

If you try this, it can be suitable for a good body! smile

Of course, it is not the correct answer to customize it, but if you use a CHRIS KING headset, the regular maintenance frequency will be reduced and you can get a smooth handle operation, so it is also recommended as a specification!

If you read this blog and think it's better to maintain your own car,

We look forward to your inquiry!

Of course I want Chris King Drop Set 2! We look forward to your inquiry.

This time, I only mentioned about head parts, but

Many parts on the piste bike require regular maintenance.

Regarding maintenance, there is also an overhaul work that can be seen as a whole as a whole.

If you are still worried about maintenance,HereCheck out the overhaul from!

I'm sorry today.

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