The bright 725TR is perfect for summer!

Immediately, the colored body of Leader® 725TR has finally arrived!

Click here for the colored vehicle body that arrived this time.

Leader® 725TR SEA FOAM REEN ¥ 165,000-tax included

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Leader®︎725TR, which is so popular that it will be sold out immediately every timeSEA FOAM GREEN.

This color is particularly unique among the color variation of each model of each model.

It's like running along the sea on the road in Tokyo where the sun shines dazzlingly

Fresh that can be able to taste the exhilaration.

SEA FOM GREEN's gorgeous and summer -like impression, which is different from BLACK, which is rugged, is very popular with women.

Personally, it is ranked first in the body ranking that women want to ride.


It's not just the exhilaration of the appearance, but in the amazing part of 725TR

The crank is equipped with a genuine direct crank, which is defaulted.

With a light stepping comfort, the loss of power is small and transmitted to the body,

It demonstrates outstanding acceleration.


The seat post is also equipped with a squid aero -shaped carbon seat post,

It also reduces the weight reduction and the impact on the buttocks.

There are many people who are riding a piste bike or road bike for the first time,

The kindness that is thinking about care for the buttocks is unique to Leader®︎ 725TR.


In addition, it was applied to the brake cable from this year's arrival car body,

Internal cable.

Actually, there is a similar specification change not only for 735TR, but also on 725TR.

It has been transformed into a smart and stylish body than ever before.

Although there was a change in specifications, the price was kept unchanged.

Leader®︎ is too kind.


In particular, this color, which is particularly popular, is limited to two size, XS and S size.

It will be a size that is easy for women to ride, as well as men,

Perfect for this summerSEA FOAM GREENSo why not make your fixie bike debut!

We look forward to your visit and contact.



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