Leader® ️ 721TR BACK in Stock Soon!

Leader's entry model "721" will be restocked for the first time in about one year.

Leader® 721TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 110,000 (tax included ¥ 121,000)

"I want to deliver the world view of Leader to people around the world."

The 721, which was born from that thought, was a brothers of 735,725, but

  • A frame using an impact aluminum aero tube
  • Pure Track Geometry where you can enjoy the original riding taste
  • Color variation that matches the street
  • Safety parts assemble

By these, it is such a piste bike where anyone can enjoy the world view of Leader.

The 721TR, which has both innocent and clean form and dynamic operability, is too compatible as a partner of young people full of energy. Learn well and play well. To the city to the mountains to the sea. The 721TR supports the active lifestyle of the next generation.

Reservations will start on March 1st.

Product to be student discountis. If you are a student, please bring your student ID card. Furthermore, if you are using installment payment as a reservation privilegeFree split feeWill be. Domestic arrival is scheduled for March to April. (May be back and forth)

It is the most popular model in BROTURES. After the arrival, it will be assembled and delivered in the order of reservation, so please make a reservation as soon as possible. The best season for bicycles will come soon.

Why don't you see a piste bike for the first time on Leader this year?