Before the bike, I lose my vocabulary.

If you order this brand, you still get nervous.
The most luxury, beautiful and excellent piste bike that we can propose.

No.22 "Little Wing"

No.22 is a brand that only handles handmade titanium frames in New York.
It is difficult to complete the advantage of the titanium frame.
It is not lighter than carbon, and the price is difficult, so the price jumps.
If it can be represented by numbers like a simple weight or price, it is easy to tell anyone.
The charm of titanium is condensed into the parts that are not.

Exquisite riding comfort that is not too hard and not too soft.
In addition to the comfort of forgetting to be on a metal frame, it also has high rigidity.
And beautiful coloring of rugged texture and an anodized oxidation process.
Excellent toughness and hard to scratch.

If you ignore the cost, I think titanium is the most suitable for city -riding motorcycles.

I made such a Little Wing for the first time in a long time.
I have been waiting for about six months because of the handmade, but it must be a satisfying finish.
Not only the frame, but the parts you bring in are eg.
The steering wheel is ENVE on the wheel of Hed. The ultimate is EE Wings for cranks and brakes.
I was assembled while cutting the spirit.

I can only say that it is consistent.
To be honest, I don't have a vocabulary that can express this bike accurately.
Only the person who rides can understand. A serious blunder as a shop.

I really like making a high -style fixie with titanium.
It was one of my hard work because I narrowed down the word pervert with love to manufacturers and owners.

By the way, No.22 is made to order, so there is no stock.
So basically you can order at any time.
Please consult with plenty of time and time.


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