Beyond common sense.

I went to Kurura Sushi for the first time the other day.
Everything is already a machine ...

What is "Omotenashi"? This is Miya.

By the way, today is good news for the "immediate prompt decision" group who is quick to act.

Mate X 250 ¥ 352,000 (Tax in)

"" from Denmark, next-generation e-bike.

Due to its so popular, there are nearly 10 cars in the store.
In fact, everything is waiting for delivery and assembling, so you can't get it unless you make a reservation.

Such a situation had been continuing for a long time, but I wrote free inventory this time.

I prepared this time

-Desert Storm-

-Copper COBBER-

-SubdueD Black-

These three colors, one each each.
I'm moving.

And in fact, these three, all

It is a "same day car body" that you can return home on the day you buy! !

Well, I did my best.

In BROTURES, both the piste bike and the e-bike, the vehicles that have arrived are rose as much as possible.
We check each part, re -assemble it, and then deliver to customers.

By doing so, you can maximize the potential of the body than the factory shipment.
Because it can prevent damage or failure.

Of course, we will have time for our customers, but we'll be with you for a long time.
We are spared the effort. (I think that is the most important sales process.)

Based on that, of course, there are not many "bicycles that can be returned home".
There are times when there is no one.
I think it's not a special thing, it's a natural thing in a sports bike world.

However, on the other hand, many people think that bicycles can be returned as soon as they buy.
This is also true. To be honest, I thought so until I entered this industry.

The same day delivery car body that has been prepared by overcoming the "common sense unevenness" that is not a straightforward.

I did my best, but it is limited to three.
Don't miss this opportunity.


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