I saw it in yesterday's news,
Interviews with residents in Rikubetsu -cho, which dropped to minus 10 degrees
He said, "If you get used to it, there's nothing!"

Apparently, it is deep. This is Miya.

By the way, the Tyrant's second model "BEASTIE" was finally launched the other day.

The weight is a little heavier than Kagero, so it is excellent in strength.
Geometry is easy to ride with horizontal, and is attractive with 721 -like operability.
The color is two colors, matte black and polish,
Both are cool and cool, so they are very lost.

I will introduce such a BAESTIE with a two blogs at the Kichijoji store from today!

Tyrant Beastie Custom Bike ¥ 383,360 (TAX IN)

The first thing that cut the lead was the modest atmosphere with a suppressed gloss.Polish Matte

The logo is a silver foil stamping.
The light reflects the light at a certain angle, and it will be cool enough to die. (vocabulary)

The word "BEASTIE" sitting in the center of the top tube.

The ragshuality around here is also a very excellent frame.

Not only the front fork but also a full carbon, assisting comfortable handling.

"02" notation inside the blade.

Personally, the fork's design is relatively high,
It's a point I'm watching with caution in any frame.

As an example, CINELLI's VIGORELLI, the current DSNV, and the frame with playfulness and discoveries
It's more fun to ride, and it's hard to get tired because it shows various expressions.

This BEASTIE folk design may be a fairly high score.

And the most interesting part of this frame is this mysterious seat stay.

Designed by the "hourglass shape" developed by Cannondale, a road bike world.
It is a highly functional geometry that effectively absorbs shocks from the road surface.

Today, we have introduced the mat polish of Tyrant's new frame BEASTIE.

Why don't you release the beast inside yourself with this new frame?

Next time, I will introduce another matte black, so please look forward to it!

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