Customers say "Koto Ward"
The character I wrote is "Guangdong Ward". Unfortunately.

Apparently, the weak subject is "Geographical" Miya.

By the way, today we are a little far from the car body and parts

Basic for riding a bicycle
About "security".

Bicycles sold at BROTURES have many high -end vehicles
Even if not, my favorite car. You never want to be stolen.

So I will introduce this time

Abus 8807K/110 ¥ 9,328 (Intax)

Set up in 20 countries around the world based on a production factory in the home country
The key industry market leader "ABUS".

Its history is old, and it has been over 90 years since its founding in 1924.
Not only the key but also to the video monitoring system and fire alarm
In a very wide range of situations, we continue to provide high security.

Speaking of security in bicycles,
There are various things such as "U -shaped rock" and "wire type".
Among the abundant ABUS locks, it is easy to lock with "chain type",
This "8807K/110" is convenient for mobile phones
At the Kichijoji store, it is a very popular product with a set rate of over 90%when purchasing a new car.

And Speaking of ABUS
Depending on the "security level" shaken by each product
In the unlikely event of a stolen damage, you will receive a "gaze money" of up to 120,000 yen.
It is also famous for having a stolen money system.

The "8807K/110" introduced this time is a security level 8, so
In the event of a thing, you will be paid up to 100,000 yen.

This is not just the story that ABUS is hungry
Proof that "I am confident that I can not stolen" so much.

And the reason why this chain type is popular is two advantages from its "length".
Because it is 110cm, that is, it has a length of 1 meter or more,

Merit ①
It is highly portable, such as carrying it with a rash or wrapping it around a seat post.

Merit ②

Front (or rear) wheel+frame+support
It is easy to do "Earth Lock", which locks three things.

By the way, this "height from the ground" is also important.
Thiefs are easier to work, closer to the ground,
If you are in such a high place, you cannot use the ground with the ground.
Because it is necessary to destroy the rock only by strength,
It is said that it takes longer to steal.

Furthermore, the 8807k/110 keyhole has a double structure,
Even if you try to destroy it from the keyhole with a drill, only the plate in front is spinning.
The drill is not stuck.

There is also a story that the stolen is also increasing due to the corona whirlpool, so if you are a little anxious.
Strengthen security now with ABUS's high -quality lock that makes thief crying!


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