Roots of DSNV

It looks like Matrix 4 is shooting.
I like Lawrence Fishburn the most among the characters appearing.

Apparently, Miya can't catch the reality that he doesn't continue.

By the way, today is the only steel frame in the DSNV lineup

Dosnoventa Barcelona Frame Set

¥ 220,000 (TAX IN)

Based on this, I received an order for a custom bike, so
I want to check it out immediately.

DSNV Barcelona Custom Bike ¥ 476,800 (TAX IN)

In the current frame, TOKYO, LA, Detroit,
In the past, Soul, Edinburgh Monte Carlo, etc.
The brand has announced a frame with the name of various cities.
in the first place

DSNV is a brand from Spain.

Suppress other frames,
The fact that only this frame was given the name of his hometown.
You can see the passion that DSNV crew poured into this frame.

Speaking of DSNV, a Columbus tube.

"Spirit" boasts the lightest of the steel that has more than 10 types of COLUMBUS.
It is a niob steel tube that simultaneously achieved weight and high rigidity by adding nio biums.

Depending on the location, a triple vate, which changes the thickness to three stages, is applied.
In the thinnest part, it realizes the ultra -thin of 0.38mm and aims to further lighter.
It also has a durability and shock absorption that does not use rough roads such as gravel.

Matt -finished off -white.
The lag welded part is also very smooth, and the elegant texture is attractive like pottery.

The front fork is the same material as the frame.

Back of the seat tube

The design that is applied to the rear stee is also unique to DSNV.

Not old or bad, not sticking to the old years
A wonderful and valuable frame that expresses the old and new in one unit.

Apparently the recent cool frame doesn't come right.

In such a case, this Barcelona is recommended.


Handle / Nitto RB-010 BULLHORN BAR ¥ 5,445 (Tax IN)

Bar Tape / Lizard Skins v2 DSP Bar Tape 1.8mm ¥ 4,290 (Tax in)

Stem / Nitto Technomic Stem 125 ¥ 4,895 (TAX IN)

Seat Post / Thomson Elite SeatPost Strait ¥ 12,100 (Tax IN)

BRAKE / SHIMANO 105 BR-R7000 BRAKE SET ¥ 9,981 (Tax IN)

Crank / Sugino SG75 CRANK ¥ 47,300 (Tax in)

Chain Ring / Digirit Track Carbon CHAINRING ¥ 26,901 (Tax IN)

Pedal & Strap / Brotures Original Pedal & Strap ¥ 6,600 (Tax IN)

Tire / Continental GP5000 ¥ 9,020 (TAX IN)

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