Bike check in Abek! ! !

Today's bike check is introduced in two units!, I was interested in the fixie bike
If you notice, you are hooked on the swamp of the fixie.

Barcemona and 725TR were selected.
It's too nice to debut in Abek and it's super enviable. 。
It is interesting because women are surprisingly strong in such a case.


Barcelona is an exquisite mix of vintage atmosphere and carbon parts.
It may be just a classical feeling, but I want to add a little modern here.
However, I think it is a very good salt plum that does not become too lacy.

The tires are so thick that the last 30C has entered, so they are as thick as possible.
This area is a case -by -case case, so please contact us.

Finally, we finished it to our favorite custom.
It's simple, but for some reason I get eye -catching.
It is one of the coexisting of the deep and high -grade parts that are not overwhelmed.

Conversely, 725TR has become a very aggressive custom.
The owner of the sense who has already mastered the skid with the first fox when delivered.
I'm afraid. 。

↑ Wife (Leader 725TR)

It seems to be fun to run, and recently he has been riding a fixer more than Mate.
I am very happy personally.
I thought that the front desk was a baton wheel and a royal road setting, and the playfulness of the rear wheel hub is good.

Because a woman is riding on such a powerful one.
It's so cool!

Even if you say a pin, the custom is ten -colored.
Oh yeah, this kind of place is interesting
It was an order to reconfirm.

There is no correct answer in custom.
You can ride a bike you want to ride.
It's a simple but bicycle that can be enjoyed the root.

Please feel free to choose the body and consult about custom.


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