How about tires with a little habit?

Recently, my tires have been lost. The casing on the side was broken, and it was one place. I didn't have to puncture, but it's annoying. Well, I've been using it for about 4 years. I'm thinking about what to use next.

By the way, this is what I have used so far.

Ritchey WCS Alpine JP

I think that there are few people who use rich tires, but it's good. Isn't it cool anyway? 30c is a choice, but it's okay to have a tread pattern or tanside. This may be the next one.

The tires are frequently replaced parts, so you can try various things. Not only the thickness, but also the riding comfort is different depending on the manufacturer and brand, so I think it is good to use various things to find one of your favorite. That's why I think I'm concerned if I see people wearing tires different from people.

Continental 4-season

for example,Continental GatorskinInstead, those who use the four seasons feel like they are advanced.4-seasonIn other words, a great version of GATOR. The punk material is one layer more than GATOR, and it comes to 330TPI, and it comes to 330TPI.

Virrotia Corsa G2.0

This is also a shiny tire. Open tubular tires. I often use Toshi, but the adaptability to the ground is high, supple and fast. As expected, Vittoria. It is useful because the side skin tube tires have been reduced recently.

It is a strange tire that has a boss side of the blot recently. Please among the usual gator.


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